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10 March 2003

Point Of Sale application.


POSWEBWARE is a low cost Web based or MAC OS X software application allowing the easy use of any Mac as a Point of Sale Terminal.

Typical users are small business however the software is fully scalable for large multisite operation. Point Of Sale Web Ware is an ideal solution for businesses such as Bar, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Fast Food, Florist, etc. No aspect of the software is disabled or limited in this shareware version. It is a complete, full-strength Point Of Sale application with many features; However if you like it and use it you are expected to pay the shareware fees.

If you are a small business looking for an inexpensive way to convert a Mac or PC into a Point Of Sale (POS) terminal, this application should suit your needs. Release 2 (also shareware) in June 2003 will include even more functions such as inventory and backup functions. POSwebware is a full-featured product. You must pay the $40 fee in order to register and become a legal owner of this version. Try POSwebware, have a good look around for all its hidden features, consider the functionality to be provided in the next release - It may more than suit your POS needs.

Standard POS features (available now - Release 1)

  • Easily customizable POS Icons (Images, Graphics, Sizes, Colors)
  • Organization of POS Icons, user defined or based on stock number, name or sales level.
  • Unlimited number of menus, menu items.
  • Scalable to unlimited number of POS points
  • Sales tracking and sorting (weekly, monthly,quarterly sales stats).
  • Stock item management
  • Menu Item Data/Info Link
  • Multilevel Tax Structure (exclusive type taxes)
  • Unlimited pay methods and credit cards
  • Unlimited Possible Pay Accounts
  • Unlimited POS Users
  • Sales Table Info
  • Included Bar Drink/Cocktail Recipe Dictionary

    POSWEBWARE can be either a fully network or stand alone solution (or both):

    • Stand alone it will run on any standard MAC running OS X or PC with a Web server such as provided with Linux.
    • A Hosted Webserver solution will run on any host server supporting CGI scripts (majority of such hosts) and the use of any computer with a modern Web browser such as Explorer or Netscape.
    • The POS features were designed for the use with any touch sensitive screen but will work fine with any interface such as light pen or standard mouse.
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