Noble Ape Simulation
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Biological simulation.   Free
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Noble Ape Simulation creates a random island environment and simulates the ape inhabitants of the island's cognitive processes. The Simulation is open source and features the Ocelot landscape rendering engine and the scripting language, ApeScript.
What's New
Version 0.697:
  • Fixed ApeScript threading for debugging output
  • Fixed Apple windowing and dialog levels
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.8 or later

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Jazzyguy reviewed on 25 Feb 2014
This is a FUN thing!
[Version 0.697]



Meiner2er reviewed on 25 Oct 2011
Of course it’s a game. The programmer plays with the users. ;-)
[Version 0.693]


Tomis commented on 21 May 2006
I find it inspiring that a complex simulation such as this is only 64k. It could easily have ended up being some slow 5MB java joke. But instead the developer went with efficient design. Kudos sir.

Perhaps MacUpdate can see fit to place this program in a more appropriate category than "Games"

It gives hope that there are still programmers who can write compact efficient code. Especially on MacOS X.
[Version 0.680]

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Pieteropie replied on 31 Oct 2011
Did you mean 643K ??

Anonymous reviewed on 10 Jul 2005
a file doesnt have to be huge to be complex. if you admit you know nothing about the program, why rate it?! i want to thank the developer for making this.
[Version 0.669]


Anonymous reviewed on 02 Jul 2005
The interface is certainly attractive, but I really need details on what/how these ape cognitive processes are being simulated before I will be impressed. Hard to believe such a small program is actually doing anything sophisticated. Perhaps you could some references to journal articles describing the models on which this simulator is constructed, please? Or is it top-secret?
[Version 0.668]

2 Replies

Anonymous commented on 10 Jul 2005
If you go to it should address most of your concerns. Why not become a contributor?
Anonymous commented on 10 Nov 2005
Yeah, what he said! And also, where is the "fire" button for this game? I can't seem to kill or capture anything.

Anonymous reviewed on 01 Jul 2005
I'm writing this review primarily to help restore the rating given to this application to a halfway decent one. I'd hoped that some people who post reviews on this site realized what kind of application they were rating, but apparently I was wrong. This isn't meant to be a terribly entertaining program, and I admit that I couldn't hold my attention for very long, but this at least needs to be appreciated for the amount of effort it must have taken to make this. This program is an impressive simulation mechanism, and it should not be reviewed by peolpe who clearly don't know what they are looking at.
[Version 0.668]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Jul 2005
One might easily fail to appreciate NA. At the very least, though, I would expect one simply ito gnore it, rather than heap abuse on it. A simulation might seem boring to someone whose highest aspiration each morning might be to reach the next level of his favorite first-person shooter game.

Sorry, just pouring my ration of gasoline on a fire that is struggling to shed light on anything whatsoever.
[Version 0.668]


Anonymous reviewed on 29 Jun 2005
This is about the oddest application I've ever seen. It reminds me of the 6800 days, when applications had long names and you still didn't know what they did... Held my attention for about 15 seconds, before I became bewildered and trashed it. Definitely a scientific app - not for laymen.
[Version 0.667b0]


Anonymous reviewed on 15 Apr 2004
Being that this is freeware, I have to say thanks for putting the time into it. I agree that it would not be the sort of thing that I would pay for but then again, it's free. Keep up the good work.
[Version 0.666]


Anonymous reviewed on 13 Apr 2004
Simulation of apes and their cognitive processes? Give me a effing break! This is nothing more or less than a simulation of dots moving around a brightly colored background, plus some bad fireworks! You'd have to do a lot of drugs or be 8 years old to be able to enjoy this! The one thing I can say positive about this "game" - it doesn't take long to download. Or to delete.
[Version 0.666]

2 Replies

Anonymous commented on 13 Apr 2004
Ignorance: the rule and not the exception.

Hey Pizza Face, check out this Apple page. Noble Ape is featured prominently.
Anonymous commented on 30 Jun 2005
Poor reading comprehension?

Guess you didn't notice this is a scientific simulation, NOT a game. LOL.
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estebas rated on 28 Mar 2012

[Version 0.694]

Version Downloads:102
Type:Games : Simulation
Date:25 Feb 2014
Platform:Intel 64 / OS X
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Noble Ape Simulation creates a random island environment and simulates the ape inhabitants of the island's cognitive processes. The Simulation is open source and features the Ocelot landscape rendering engine and the scripting language, ApeScript.

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