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Light-weight and straightforward word processor.   Demo ($49.95)
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Mariner Write is your Mac OS go-to word processing tool! Professional writer, educator or student, Write has all the functionality you need for that important letter, technical paper or research project. Elegantly efficient and powerful, Mariner Write turns out great looking documents. Create customized headers, footers, endnotes or footnotes. Easily define styles; use keyboard shortcuts for repeated tasks. Use Mail Merge to automate a mailing. Write possesses a powerful Find Dialog, an intuitive Font Panel and much more. Mariner Write empowers you to create your own word processing environment
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Version 3.9.2: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later

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ver. 3.x:
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Whit_g commented on 06 Jan 2014
Is a Mavericks update forthcoming for MW? I finally started using it system-wide for my project note taking (having bought it in a bundle awhile back), and while I really like it for the most part, it's exhibiting some glitches that I could do without:

- Often "sees" a text doc as needing to be saved right after opening, before editing.
- Sometimes open text file windows vanish; they can be switched to via cmd-~, but they don't actually appear.
- Sometimes the entire title bar and most of the header editing area are pushed above the system menu bar, such that you can't move the window.
- Seems to want to switch many of my .txt docs to a serif font/size that hadn't been selected when I first open them, forcing me to manually switch to a larger sans font.
[Version 3.9.2]



Derekcurrie reviewed on 07 Feb 2012
Release notes for version 3.9.2:

Updates for this release:

• Made cosmetic improvements to the ruler bar
• Set the default to not show ribbon bar, page guides, or ruler
• Fixed Help>Online Support Forum link
• Set check for updates checks at launch for new updates
[Version 3.9.2]



Vinkri reviewed on 25 Oct 2011
50 bucks for a word processor... it better be great.
Sure, it's lightweight... compared to MS Word.
Sure it's like Word... but Word 97 (no inspector, no easy access to functions. Even Word 2007 is better).
Sure it's easy to use, compared to my 1990 Wordperfect on my DOS machine.
Sure it's (sometimes) stable... and funny: when you navigate through the app menu, the app would freeze and show you the MacOS 8.1 little black and white clock.
Sure it has desktop publishing capabilities: you can add images to your document. I swear: you can!

Sure it's a piece of crap. Really, it is.

Yeah, you guessed: I don't like it.
Apple Pages is really Mac like with real desktop publishing functionalities.
Bean is really lightweight and free.
Mellel is really packed with features. And much cheaper.

Mariner Write is an awful, arrogant and overpriced piece of software.
Exactly what a word processor shouldn't be.
[Version 3.9.0]

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Chas_m replied on 20 Jan 2012
I can't fully disagree with your review, I like Bean and think Pages is amazing. But Mariner Write has it's place with some.

I agree it's overpriced at $50, but what you neglected to mention is that it's frequently on sale, so I suspect very few people pay the full price. Also, the development cycle is slow because the product is quite mature. I've been waiting to get hit with the "4.0" upgrade for years now.

Rayj replied on 21 Jan 2012
Chas_m is perhaps being a little generous to Mariner in his comment about the development cycle: it's not just slow; it's virtually non-existent. Here's a statement from them in their Write forum: "I believe we are 6-9 months from the release of v4.0 of Mariner Write" - that was on 27 Feb 2006. For "months" read "years"!

Strawmant replied on 06 Feb 2012
Unfortunately I have to agree with Vinkri (minus the crap comment). How Mariner think they can justify the price for this when you can buy Pages for half the price from the App Store is beyond me, let alone the freebies noted by others.

Sjha commented on 08 Nov 2009
I am sorry to see that the upgrade from 3.8 to 3.9 abandons support for Tiger.
[Version 3.9.0]


Bolobar commented on 07 Nov 2009
I wouldn't download this update unless you want to say "bye-bye" to your saved files and data.

Have a backup...Thanks for Time Machine.

A good app gone bad.

[Version 3.9.0]

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Y-Guy replied on 08 Nov 2009
Maybe give some details, else sounds trollish.

Bolobar replied on 08 Nov 2009
1. I downloaded the update.

2. I opened the application.

3. I clicked on File

4. I clicked on Recent

5. The was nothing there.

6. I do have a folder called Word Process Files with data.

7. I proceeded to Time Machine and restored Mariner Write.

I hope this is detailed enough to satisfy your helpful and constructive response.

The information you provided was really helpfu.

I assume that it all worked for you.

Andrewm8 replied on 08 Nov 2009
Bolobar - fact that you didn't see anything in File/Recent in newly installed application is not that unusual and it for sure is not an indication that your data was gone. Did you check if your 'Word Process' or whatever folder was still in it's original location? Doesn't seem from the steps you described that you did.

Espiridion replied on 08 Nov 2009
I was curious so I downloaded the older 3.7.2 and created a document.
The file did not appear in the Open Recent menu under 3.9.0, but it was in the exact place where I saved it (Desktop).
I opened it, and now it appears in the Open Recent menu.
There was no data loss with 3.9.0. As mentioned in the post above mine, it was simply a matter of the file names not appearing in the Open Recent menu.

Robotank replied on 08 Nov 2009
Bolobar, I suggest looking into things a little bit more before you assert that an application makes you lose data. The recent items list is just a list remembered by the application of files it's recently opened. It has nothing to do with the actual physical presence of the files on your hard drive. The files are NOT saved within the application. Restoring Mariner Write from Time Machine backup would change back the recent files list, but again have NO effect on the actual files on your hard drive. Do you understand?

Zx81 replied on 08 Nov 2009
Not sure he does.
Couldn't this be deleted and forgotten?

croberts commented on 29 Jul 2009
This program is at best vaporware and at worst dead. Long promised new version keeps getting pushed onto the back burner. What's really galling is that right before Mariner stopped active development they promoted "lifetime upgrade" program for which they got a bunch of extra money. Shame.
[Version 3.8]


robotank commented on 05 Nov 2008
Ultimately, what word processor is best comes down to personal preference and needs; there will never be a definitive end to this debate. For my needs--taking class notes and writing short and medium-length papers--Mariner Write achieves the perfect balance of features and weight. It's quick to open and respond, and its essential features for my purposes are more easily accessible and intuitive than in any other word processor I've tried. My only real complaint is something that's come up several times on this page: improper spacing of characters. With some fonts, you end up with the occasional ugly gap between letters. This is a minor issue in the end, and no software is perfect. I've noticed that Mellel has come up a lot on this page. It's also a fine word processor, and contains more advance features, though Mariner Write is still more streamlined. Also, if you use Spell Catcher, Mellel will not allow automatic replacement, which can create issues with bulleted lists since Spell Catcher has to backspace to make corrections.

The only way to choose the best word processor for your use is to try what's out there. There are good options on the Mac platform besides the huge, feature-intensive office suites (though these are still essential in some situations).
[Version 3.8]


brumm commented on 30 Oct 2008
My opinion on word processors for OS X:

The last days I've tested many word processors and I found Mellel to be the best so far,

Mellel is not bloated like all the "Office" suites (Neo, OO, MS, are all to slow, ... for me Neo Office is the best of these beasts.)

and Mellel is better than:

- Nisus (Nearest competitor but Nisus doesn't support soft hyphen!, I simply cannot work without soft hyphen.),

- Mariner Write (really bad font display/spacing for many years now, only english, carbon - so it needs to be rewritten for future OSX releases, will they do that? I'm unsure.)

- Pages (Again no soft hyphen!, occasionally crashes and after a while gets very slow, ... but I exspect the next versions will be much better)

- Papyrus (very ugly, carbon, no real testdrive possible - crippled trial version, but some interesting features - I keep an eye on it)

- AbiWord (Many bugs and no updates the last 2 years, I think they don't support the Mac anymore)

- Bean (really fanstatic freeware, but based on Apples buggy text-engine. No soft hyphen! So only usable for some very short texts, best freeware I've seen for many many years - of course I keep an eye on it)

For now I will use Mellel.

The only things that I don't like are related to the interface design, for example the round beveled look of the ruler and tools section is very outdated now, a boring all-grey mix of alien spaceship ("aqua"-style) or early iTunes versions ("metal"-style).

But besides that Mellel has the best combination of features for me, so my money goes to them.
[Version 3.8]


M-Rick commented on 14 Jun 2008
could be good but doesn't support right to left languages such as arabic and hebrew.
[Version 3.8]



jrnyoflife reviewed on 06 Apr 2008
It's a breath of fresh air, in the Mac world, to have a word processor open quickly. Mariner Write opens in one or two seconds on my MacBook 2.2Ghz. Apple's own word processor Pages takes a lot longer, and Microsoft Word 2008 seems to take forever.

The efficiencies of the program don't end there. All of the essential features are quickly accessible and well thought out. I used it to take notes tonight for a non-profit meeting and it worked very well for that.

Things I like about Mariner Write:

- Option to open files from previous session

- Hierarchical font menu, and WYSIWYG

Bullet Indent ! (woo hoo!)

Date Format
- Ability to set to many different kinds of formats -- useful.

- Paper edge vs. printer edge.
- A full page is readable from a standard MacBook's resolution.

- Can specify the number of backup copies to make. I haven't experimented with this but I think it will be a very handy feature.

File format
- Can specify RTF - Word

Thoughtful touches
- When adding buttons to the toolbar when customizing, there is an Add after and Add before. There is not a move up or move down but that hasn't been too much of a hindrance.

Keyboard shortcut for entering date..

Tables work intuitively
- Can increase a column by dragging from any point in the verticle line
- New rows added automatically when tabbing from last row
- Easy access from the editing window.

- Floating font panel that makes it easy to choose fonts, and lets you set up font collections of your favorite fonts.
- Easy font selection at the top of the editing window
- Easy color and highlighting form the editing window
- Choosing from MANY different font styles from the font menu
- Highlighting and font color are at the top of the editing window

- Remove leading ">", handy for quote in e-mails

- Easy to import
- Text can wrap around a graphic!
- Easy to enlarge graphic proportionally
- Easy to insert graphic into a table cell

- Save a copy as

Print Envelope

- Selection
- All
- Good voice

Insert Rule to separate items is intuitive

Font, Size, and Style all get their own menus which makes it a snap to easily change something.
- Click the font menu then start typing the letters of the font name and you go right to it.
- Click size menu and select size or if you want 18 point just click 1 and 8 then enter
- Click the style menu and select "strike through" or just type s and t, it hightlights then hit enter

To sum it up, it's a word processor that opens fast, that is easy to use, that has all the most used features right there. There may be a rare instance in which I would want to use MS Word over this program but this is my word processor of choice for the vast majority of documents I will be creating.

(and note: I am a power user; in this program the power is the speed, and quick access to the main features usually used)
[Version 3.7.2]


Hkim had trouble on 20 Jan 2012
I downloaded the .dmg file and only get "disk not recognized. Has anyone else encountered this?
[Version 3.9.1]

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Date:06 Feb 2012
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Mariner Write is your Mac OS go-to word processing tool! Professional writer, educator or student, Write has all the functionality you need for that important letter, technical paper or research project. Elegantly efficient and powerful, Mariner Write turns out great looking documents. Create customized headers, footers, endnotes or footnotes. Easily define styles; use keyboard shortcuts for repeated tasks. Use Mail Merge to automate a mailing. Write possesses a powerful Find Dialog, an intuitive Font Panel and much more. Mariner Write empowers you to create your own word processing environment so you can produce documents that are clean, consistent and professional.

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