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01 February 2003

Network monitoring resource.


AysMon (Are You Serving Monitor) is a multi-purpose utility for monitoring system resources associated with network services. System administrators and other expert users benefit from continuous monitoring of critical aspects of network services of the host system. End-users will find AysMon an effective way to monitor throughput on their DSL, Cable, PPP, or other network connections as well as providing a friendly display of disk space usage and key open network ports. The latter is important since you may have a network service running that unintentionally opens your system to attack by hackers. AysMon enables to see at a glance if this is the case.

What's new in AysMon

Version 2.1 adds the following:
  • Added monitoring of Printer Sharing (IPP which is controlled by System Preferences->Sharing->Printer Sharing) - Changes in the list of monitored services are now updated immediately
  • The preferences window has been restored to its appropriate place under the application menu Users upgrading from prior releases of AysMon should open the Edit->Monitored Services window to update which services to monitor.

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