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mpgtx is an MPEG editor for cutting, joining, demuxing and getting info on most kinds of mpg files.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.2 or later

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ver. 1.x:
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juliew commented on 21 Dec 2005
I attempted to fix timecode breaks using MPEG Streamclip and then did a "Save As" but the resulting file still had the same timecode breaks when I opened the new file in MPEG Streamclip.

After hunting around online I found vcdgear which I used to separate the MPEG file into parts where the timecode breaks occurred. I also selected the -fix option to "fix broken mpeg blocks". The resultant individual files showed no timecode breaks in MPEG Streamclip.

I then used mpgtx to join the files again and opened the newly rejoined video in MPEG Streamclip. No timecode errors were detected. However, upon using the "Check Stream" feature, MPEG Streamclip reported lots of "fixing video at" and about 6 "data breaks"!

Can someone explain how any of these utilities can be used to actually repair an MPEG file???
[Version 1.4b4]


Anonymous reviewed on 22 Jun 2005
Great for stitching all those porn vids together. :)
[Version 1.4b4]

2 Replies

Anonymous commented on 09 Jul 2005
that shouldnt be there porn freak
Anonymous commented on 18 Jul 2005
hey, it's the truth. it's great for stitching together all sorts of small clips.

Anonymous reviewed on 24 Oct 2004
The only app I am aware of which joins .mpg files. Awkward interface in many ways: file title list always defaults to too small and needs to be dragged open, and the output file naming area, which is also too small, requires a useless checkbox be selected, to give two examples. With a redesign of the user interface this would be a much better product.
[Version 1.4b4]


Anonymous reviewed on 22 Jul 2004
Was looking for something to join my camera mpgs together. This works great! Granted, its not QT Pro, but for what it is you can't go wrong.
[Version 1.4b4]


Anonymous reviewed on 18 May 2003
A brilliant little quick and dirty app! Much faster than any pro software if all you want to do is split a gigantic file. THANKS!
[Version 1.4b4]


Anonymous reviewed on 28 Apr 2003
Usefull fast & looks really good plus is really easy to use . I wanted to join some MPEG1 files into a showreel but the resulting single file skipped 3 sec (approx) of material from the front of each of the items so it was not much use.
[Version 1.4b4]


Anonymous reviewed on 16 Mar 2003
Did what it advertises quickly and effectively. Could definately use some work on the interface. It's not very pretty to look at. Also you should be able to drag files into the drawer instead of onto a button, that's counter-intuitive. Could also use a catchier name. All in all I would suggest this program to my friends.
[Version 1.4b4]

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Version Downloads:11,856
Type:Multimedia Design : Video
Date:26 Jan 2003
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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mpgtx is an MPEG editor for cutting, joining, demuxing and getting info on most kinds of mpg files.

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