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Advanced Team Scheduler6.3

10 June 2003

Organize team sports or game events.


Useful for people who organize team sporting or game events. It can organize an unlimited number of teams for an unlimited number of games. Simply fill in the requested information into the wizard like interface, and NS Team Scheduler automates the season, tournament, league, match, round-robin  schedules. A great first step and time saving tool for anyone who does alot of match scheduling. NS Team Scheduler can schedule games with any user specified combination of dates and times, regular or irregular. The scheduler gives you complete control over all aspects of the schedule, and creates schedules effortlessly and elegantly in accordance the user data entered. Team Scheduler  comes with a table editor that you may add game times, and make changes to the match locations and other possible last minute adjustments.  Once satisfied with the schedule, it may be exported to an HTML document where you may:
  • View it in the browser of your choice. (This is a nice feature as most all of your colleagues and friends may be able to electronically access it, as HTML is a cross platform language) You may use Netscape Navigator/Communicator, Internet Explorer, Opera or any Internet savvy browser
  • Print within the browser. This is a desirable option as the HTML is formatted within tables and give the schedule a attractive  appearance
  • Upload to a Web site to be viewed over the internet
  • Display over a Network (great for schools!)

Some specific features of this program are as follows:

  • Round-Robin, Tournament, and League scheduling
  • Allowing the user to determine total time between games per team
  • Create both the team and the field at the same time. The team creation dialog allows the user to create the home field without closing that dialog
  • The user can add a contact(s) to each team or field to help keep track of the address and any other information about the teams or fields
  • The schedule wizard can help the user set the constraints of the schedule such as start date, end date, game duration and select the prospective teams in  a few easy steps
  • For season schedules the wizard will add all the games to the schedule even if they cannot be scheduled due to availability constraints so the user can set the times manually or modify the availabilities and have the program do a reschedule
  • Once a schedule is generated it can be printed, copied to the clipboard as text or html, exported and saved as a html Web document for publishing on the Web all within the confines of your favorite Web browser
  • The user can remove or edit the settings of each game manually straight from the schedule viewer or add new games to the automatically generated schedule
  • Outputs a success ratio score with a report detailing the reasons for the result allowing the user to make adjustments or leave it untouched
  • Can allow users to work on multiple projects at the same time
  • User friendly interface

What's new in Advanced Team Scheduler

Version 6.3 adds the following:
  • The scheduling time generation algorithm was enhanced to produce schedules with more efficient and compressed chronological orderings.
  • Schedule data output to a .ics file was added allowing for integration (importing) into a variety of calendar publishing programs. Those programs would include Microsoft Outlook XP (can be exported as a csv file and publish on the Web for the general public at Yahoo Calendar), Mac OS X iCal, Mozilla Calendar (Window, Linux), (for Web publication and subscription on .Mac or any WEBDAV enabled server..i.e., and Ximan Evolution on Linux. This data can also be simply uploaded to a remote directory using the ATS FTP utility allowing users to directly subscribe to your calendar within viewing programs like iCal and Mozilla or have them redirected and viewed on a number of PHP Calendar rendering sites like for public preview as well as synched with mobil device calendars.
  • Live updating of schedule objects to allow for last minute replacements or edits of team and location information to be automatically refreshed in previously built schedules.
  • Redundant information was removed when reporting conflicts and the quality of the conflict report information was enhanced making it easy to track conflicting games across schedules.

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