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Change fourcc codes in avi/divx files.   Free
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AviFourCCChangerX is for changing fourcc codes normally found in avi/divx files.
What's New
Version 0.1 adds the following:
  • A real icon
  • Italian localization
  • Glitches and bugs fixed
  • Download link fixed
PPC, Mac OS X 10.1 or later

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AviFourCCChangerX User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 0.x:
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69number69 commented on 10 Jul 2013
Any other utility like this for 10.8.x?this is only for ppc mac and after 10.7 caan't work.
[Version 0.1]


Anarkae reviewed on 12 May 2012
and... How it works?
there is no a manual or something?
I donwnloaded the .sit file and I moved the .app to Applications then I click on the app but nothing. :(
[Version 0.1]



Aikousha reviewed on 02 Jan 2008
This review is being written after more than a year of using this...
Of the dozens of video softwares I use on at least a weekly basis, none of them actually have a function to change the fourcc code on the fly (When I get CS3, maybe, this might change). This is actually a bad thing, since a couple of the programs I use set the fourcc incorrectly, some using improper case, one always setting the code to divx no matter what the real output is. So, I have used this on thousands of self-created and transcoding projects.
It has never crashed, and it has never malfunctioned. True, it does only one thing, and it does it fast and well. However, the application itslef could use just a few additions that would make it easier to use. These would be:
1. Drag and drop a file or group of files (or even a folder) into the window to select.
2. Drag and dropping would automatically set the fourcc to the windows' settings or possibly a preset.
3. "Open using..." would allow the selection and change of multiple files, instead of just one.

These miinor changes would perfect this simple little program.
[Version 0.1]

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Version Downloads:7,537
Type:Multimedia Design : Video
Date:17 Jan 2003
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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AviFourCCChangerX is for changing fourcc codes normally found in avi/divx files.

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