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09 April 2008

Intelligent work time tracker.


JobCapture is a turnkey system that intelligently and automatically tracks work on any document in standard applications such as Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Word and many more. All of this is achieved with minimal intrusion to workflow. It works in the background on each operator's machine and reports important job-related information to a central database whenever they close a document. When in operation, it mostly goes unnoticed and is far easier on users than filling in forms on an endless paper trail. If you're doing this kind of thing by manually entering in times, it's typically 40% innaccurate.

What's new in JobCapture

Version 6.13a:
  • Sleek new palette on tracker
  • History tool allows users access documents they've worked on and records from a scrolling list palette at any time
  • Smarter user management technology
  • Action tab in Job Jackets--This is a big one because it allows users to trigger certain actions when a job is completed. The first action offered is Document Shepherding, our answer to pain-free asset management. After working on a document, we can "shepherd" it into the correct folder on the server within the "Document Pen" and if the folder doesn't exist, we'll create it. We'll build on this with other actions such as emailing managers, updating a project management system, etc. This also works seamlessly with our JobLauncher application.
  • Improved performance
  • Easy installation procedure

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