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AppleShare Client3.8.8

10 January 2001

Fixes a crash with DHX Authentication when connecting to MacOS X Server.


AppleShare Client 3.8.8 is the latest version of AppleShare Client software.

What's new in AppleShare Client

Version 3.8.8 fixes the following:
  • Fixes problems with DHX Authentication when used with longer than 8 chcracter passwords.
  • Fixes a problem where clippings files containing AFP URLs with spaces were not being handled properly.
  • Fixes a problem preventing changing passwords using DHX in Network Browser or other client of the AFPSharedVolumeEnumerator API.
  • Removes the check for broadcast addresses in the Enter IP Address dialog, as it was not handling Airport supplied addresses properly.
  • Fixes a problem in the volume list where volumes that the user cannot access were not greyed out.
  • Fixes the problems selecting volumes for startup mounting when they were already mounted

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