2.1.1 29 Dec 2002

Assign various sounds to different system events.


Developer website: nimatoad

MooSB allows you to assign various sounds to different system events. Simply select MooSB from within System Preferences, and choose the sounds you would like to hear when different events occur. Be sure to press the 'Save Settings' button when you are done.

What events are supported? You can assign different sounds to be played when:

  • Specific USB Devices are added or removed
  • Specific FireWire Devices are added or removed
  • PC Cards added or removed
  • CDs or DVDs are inserted or ejected
  • Specific drives or volumes mount or unmount
  • Specific applications launch or terminate
  • Your computer is about to sleep or has just woken up
  • You change your monitor settings

Sound Packs are a new feature as of MooSB 2.0. By installing new Sound Packs as they are made available, you can extend the selection of sounds available. Sound Packs will be available for download. After installing a new Sound Pack, it is recommended that you log out then log back in. The easiest way to find Sound Packs is by pressing "Get Sound Packs" in the MooSB System Preference. This will download the latest list of MooSB Sound Packs from our server. Sound Packs with a green bullet next to their name have been verified by us. Verified Sound Packs have had their source code reviewed, and it has been determined that they are safe to install on your system. Verified Sound Packs are hosted on our server, and will not contain unlicensed or copyrighted material. You may also download Sound Packs from other sources on the web.

If you would like to create your own Sound Packs, please download the MooSB Sound Pack SDK. Basic knowledge of objective-c is required. You are encouraged to join the moosb-dev mailing list if you have any questions. To join, send an email with the text "subscribe moosb-dev" (without quotation marks) in the body of your message.


Mac OS X 10.2.2 or later


Current Version (2.x)


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29 Dec 2002
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