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Microtek ScanWizard Pro is the scanner program used to perform scans with your Microtek scanner. Scanwizard Pro provides advanced scanning features for achieving professional scanning results.
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Version 7.62: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

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Microtek ScanWizar... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 7.x:
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JMahon24 commented on 20 Jan 2009
Microtek will leave you "High and dry." A while back I had purchased an S-400 scanner and within a week upgraded to Leopard. The scanner no longer worked. I contacted Microtek numerous times and was finally told they were not upgrading the necessary software for my unit. I turned to Silverfast for help, they delivered software which ran as good or better than Microtek software I had ran on previous Microtek scanners I owned. Never again Moicrotek, you stink..
[Version 7.62]


franke reviewed on 25 Sep 2008
Like others, I am frustrated that Microtek isn't keeping up with needs of *current* hardware owners. But what company does these days?

Still, I panicked when I couldn't get my i900 to work w/ Leopard. For a while I used an old SilverFast just to keep the scanner working. That's fine, but SilverFast is expensive and incredibly slow for jobs that don't have to be perfect.

Now I've download for Microtek's ScanWizard 7.61 from MacUpdate. (I had recently gotten v7.52 from the Microtek website, and it was useless.) This one does the trick.

I love this scanner, even though I'm not thrilled w/ the company these days. It's the best I've owned. Given the quality of most of the others under $1500, I'd go with Micritek. I hope it lasts a lot longer, but when it's time, I'll probably buy another... now that the software problem is finally solved.

Thanks for making it easy to find.
[Version 7.61]


xypher commented on 30 May 2008
Now why doesn't this support the Scanmaker X6?
[Version 7.60]


richmoog reviewed on 07 May 2008
DON'T buy Microtek - I have a ScanMaker 4700, a great product which performed flawlessly until Mac OS Leopard! I have repeatedly tried to get some information regarding a new driver but they seem more concerned about me buying a new scanner!?
WRONG attitude to customers, WRONG attitude to increasing scrap heaps on our planet!
[Version 7.60]

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SLee replied on 08 May 2008
I believe this Pro 7.60 is not for 4700 use, I use it with ArtixScan F1, it works fine @ Leopard (not perfect, but okay).
richmoog replied on 08 May 2008
I note this sw as they have dropped support for the previous non pro sw which allows a whole lot of their older scanners to work! It seems Microtek are using Leopard as a money spinner..

Rog commented on 29 Apr 2008
It worked once, now I get "Error = -1".
[Version 7.60]


tURNiTaROUND commented on 18 Apr 2008
Microtek advertised a scanner years ago, i think it was a V1212 or something. It never worked with OSX 10.3. although it said so on the box. Tech support claimed an update was in the works. Months passed, no update! I tried to return it and was not able to because I exceeded the time allowed to return.
Never again will i spend my money on a Microtek product or recommend their products for the company i now work for that has over 5000 employees.

HP proved to be the best scanner for the job!
[Version 7.60]

2 Replies


Orion-Mk.-V replied on 18 Apr 2008
I agree 100%. Microtek pretty much abandoned mac support during a time when the promised updates and support. Now that they're back I could care less.

Epson, Canon and HP overall work very well... sometimes spotty with drivers/software, but they always seem to provide some support.

Rog replied on 28 Apr 2008
At any particular time you might be able to find a scanner that works for a Mac, but then when the next Mac update comes out the scanner wont work anymore... I have a pile of scanners here (Microtek, Canon, and Epson) that are all in good working order, except the software is no longer supported...sometimes months after I bought them. The only scanner that I have that consistently works is a Microtek scanner from over 10 years ago that's hooked up to an old beige Mac with SCSI.

sinfe reviewed on 18 Nov 2007
I feel it my responsibility to write about the Microtek scam, how they cheated my mom to by a Scanmaker X12 with a light-lid for as much money as the actual scanner. This was like 4 years ago and to this date she hasn't been able to scan one single negative or dia.

Some poor scanning through USB 1 under OS 9.2 but not SCSI and forget about OS X, let's say that the support doesn't reach up to poor, it's down in the sours. A lot of money down the drain.

Be ware of the con-men on Scanmaker and I strongly advice you don't buy anything from fraud people.

[Version 7.52]


Anonymous reviewed on 29 Oct 2005
I have never rated any product before this, but my feelings were so strong that I was on the web looking for microtek just to let them know that scanwizard 5 is by far the worst product I haver ever used. It looks simple. Too simple. I can not even name a file. it's untitlted 1 or 2 or 3. cannot move from on program to the next, cannot save a file. help is no help! I am not the most savy on a computor, but I can get around photoshop, microsoft publisher, paint. I really hate this program, what a waste of money.
[Version 7.16]

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3abnpub commented on 05 Jul 2006
You CAN save to a file name of your choosing. But you may need to switched to Advanced mode to do it. Unfortunately the tiny, unlabeled Advanced mode button is a little hard to figure out. It's in the upper right corner of the ScanWizard interface I believe (I don't have the app on this computer to verify). From there you should be able to figure out how to do this. (The button to scan to a file is in the main button bar.)

Anonymous reviewed on 12 Aug 2004
Well got this update to work, hope it stays that way.

I got rid of all the other drivers but my scanner, yes, just dumped them in the bin and held my breath and deleted.

They can be found at: Library/Application Support/ScanWizard 5 V7/Support Bundles/Scanner_Drivers.

The smart thing to do, I guess is a 'Custom Install' in the first place.

Fingers Crossed and I hope can now avoid using messy, too many options, slow but cheap - VueScan.
[Version 7.16]


Anonymous reviewed on 12 Aug 2004
I've waited till August to install 10.3 and then my 8700 gave up working, so I load this update and guess what, it still don't work.
Why hasn't Microtek put an uninstall on their package, so I can could try it nice and clean?
Had to go back to VueScan, which I don't like, hey but it's better than nothing.
[Version 7.16]

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Date:20 Jan 2009
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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Microtek ScanWizard Pro is the scanner program used to perform scans with your Microtek scanner. Scanwizard Pro provides advanced scanning features for achieving professional scanning results.

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