FileSpring Pipeline
FileSpring Pipeline


FileSpring Pipeline free download for Mac

FileSpring Pipeline

04 November 2003

Use PHP to connect to FileMaker databases.


FileSpring Pipeline was created to allow the use of PHP to post-process Web pages created by Web Companion. This is especially useful if you have an existing WC/CDML solution that you don't want to recode but you want more data

What's new in FileSpring Pipeline

Version 1.3 adds compatibility with Mac OS X Panther, version 10.3, and all installations of PHP 4.3.2 and up. FSP 1.3 also simplifies installation, requiring no changes to the PHP configuration file, php.ini, when used with PHP 4.3.0 and greater. FSP 1.3 retains compatibility with earlier versions of PHP as well.

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