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Alternative menu bar clock.   Free
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FuzzyClock is an alternative menu bar clock which displays the current time e.g. like "five past ten" in the menu bar. Currently available in more languages and idioms you can imagine.

What's New
  • new languages: Slovak, Russian, Gukisk Norsk, Pälzisch
  • some corrections to my address and the help files
  • no new features
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later Tested only on Leopard.

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FuzzyClock User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Tuishimi commented on 21 Dec 2006
Do you have the universal version? Should we e-mail the developer directly?
[Version 1.2.9]


Jacques P. commented on 21 Aug 2006
I wrote the developer, here it turns out he compiled a Universal Binary - .
[Version 1.2.9]


AppleCrypt Mods commented on 18 Feb 2006
is this still not 100% for Tiger users? It's not been updated in a long while now...
[Version 1.2.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 May 2005
Anyone else have a problem with kernel panics running Tiger? I've narrowed my troubles down to FuzzyClock, and after disabling it have had no KPs.
[Version 1.2.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Apr 2005
Thank you so much. I love this clock. Better than the thousand other ones I've tried over the years. Easily on my list of must-have items.

That said - one nice thing would be if the clock could take up the same space no matter what the time. Sometimes, the shifting of my menu bar items distracts me.

Thanks much
[Version 1.2.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 20 Feb 2005
one of my favourite apps just became even more perfect. Thankyou for developing this wonderful app. when friends or family switch or get a new mac this is always the first app i install. makes a massive but subtle difference to the computer experience and makes it more human. if you don't know this- download and you won't look back.
[Version 1.2.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 11 Apr 2003
The language option is hilarious, half past nine you dig?, quarta to ten, a bit afta ten. This app is a permanent addition to my login items. Great work.
[Version 1.2.2]

psiemens commented on 28 Feb 2003
I put a pithy comment that varies according to the time of day.
[Version 1.1b3]


Anonymous reviewed on 02 Dec 2002
Works well. Could use integration to iCal or something to get a 5/5/5/5 but definatly does what it says.
[Version 1.0.4b]


Son1ze had trouble on 23 May 2010
Hi guys,

Gotta say that I love this app! I have v.1.2.11 but would like to report one issue...

Seems that no matter how many time I reorganize the order of my Login Items FuzzyClock doesn't seem to wan to hold its position/hierarchy in the menubar, but rather keeps changing positions randomly. Never have had this issue with any menubar icon before. Normally I have it set to appear as in this screenshot:


But quite often it will instead move to the position right next to the battery icon thus putting my Wi-fi Sync app (black/green icon) in the middle of MagiCal and FuzzyClock.

Is there a way to fix this issue? Thanks for any answers you might have.
[Version 1.2.11]

dickbaby had trouble on 17 May 2004
A marvellous app. Been on my Mac since I first tried it, and is always one of the first things I install after a reformat.

I had the problem with being unable to change fonts with the last version 1.2.7, but I found it went away if FuzzyClock was launched before Butler (another great freebie) at login, so that it appears on the right of Butler in the menubar.

I also have MenuMeters (yet anoth...) installed too, so it may be a conflict with that, but it never changed places with FuzzyClock, so I doubt it.
[Version 1.2.8]

Thezee had trouble on 14 Nov 2003
I have to say that this has to be one of the coolest apps I have. Thank you for your creative genius, seriously. I am unable to change the font, however. I can change the color of the font but not the type of font. Any suggestions on how I can address this issue? I really dig my FuzzyClock !!!
[Version 1.2.2]

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Version Downloads:4,202
Type:Utilities : Desktop
Date:25 Nov 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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FuzzyClock is an alternative menu bar clock which displays the current time e.g. like "five past ten" in the menu bar. Currently available in more languages and idioms you can imagine.

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