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SSH Tunnel Manager lets you easily create network "tunnels" in situations where you cannot connect to some device but have a way to connect to as server nearby using SSH.It uses the ssh command bundled with the system.
What's New
Version 2.1.4:
  • Fixed a bug causing application to crash when editing redirections
  • Fixed a bug preventing copy and paste to work in password field
  • You can now specify bind address in the local port column using address:port
  • Small interface adjustements
Intel, Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

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SSH Tunnel Manager User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 11 Apr 2005
I just started using this & it seems to be working fine on OSX 10.37
[Version 2.0b3]


Anonymous reviewed on 08 Feb 2005
I was looking for a quick way to manage tunnels from my desktop. Ineed to turn them on and off alot. I was using fugu, but typing information each time wasd a pain. Then I built a shell script/men from the command line which was good, butr not ideal. SSH Tunnel Manger was exaclty what I wanted! Thanks, it saved me from needing to write it!

I'm not sure about stability yet. I just started using it. So far it has performed well. I'm curoius to see its handling of timeouts.
[Version 2.0b3]


Anonymous reviewed on 04 Jan 2005
This latest version did not work at all with Mac Panther (10.3.7). The preferences files were not loaded and could not be seen by the application. I found an earlier version (1.0.3) did work very well and seems to run without any hitches - although it does occasionally crash when the preferences tab is open, once surfing it works OK.
[Version 2.0b3]


Anonymous reviewed on 16 Nov 2004
I am using the old version, I tried the new beta but it had issues when I was editing my configurations. The old version has worked flawlessly for me to date, but I like the features that the new version will bring.. I can't wait for a stable release.
[Version 2.0b3]

Constantin commented on 15 Jul 2004
I second David's request for collapsed tunnel detection, auto rebuild, and notification. As I have stated earlier, the code already exists as open-source code in AutoSSH.

B3 seems to be quite stable. I have had no major issues yet, so I'll be using it for now.
[Version 2.0b3]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Jul 2004
Does this handle DSA/RSA Authentication (preferably DSA)? Or does it only handle password? Asking because password can be broken much more easily.
[Version 2.0b3]


Anonymous reviewed on 25 Jan 2004
This (2.0b2) shows hope!
But until it gets more stable..
back to 1.03 I go.
[Version 2.0b2]


Anonymous reviewed on 17 Jan 2004
I stand by my earlier review regarding the new interface. However, for whatever reason the new tunnel manager does not appear to be as stable maintaining tunnels as the older 1.03 client.

I noticed this mainly in extended use - the SSH tunnels would collapse without warning, followed by beachballs of death in the applications dependant on port forwarding (mail, http, etc.)

Rebuilding tunnels after a collapse would not work consistently - even though the application shows a working tunnel (i.e. green status light). My underlying SSH components seem to be OK because I'd still be able to SSH in via the terminal application.

Even closing the tunnel manually and quitting SSHTB would not work. I had to restart the PB before SSHTB would work again. I have reverted to 1.03 in the meantime since being on the bleeding edge has left me SSH-less.

In comparison, version 1.03 allows me to leave the same tunnels open all day, as long as I have some activity every 2 minutes or so. Thus, there seems to be a bug in SSHTB 2.0b that affects my machine (PBG4, OS 10.3.2). Has anyone else had the same issue?
[Version 2.0b]


Anonymous reviewed on 15 Jan 2004
The new revision adds some great features! The tunnel now shows the connection being built, with several visual cues - red for no tunnel, yellow for tunnel startup, green for working tunnel. It even shows the various port-forwarding connections being made. Bravo!

However, SSHTunnel is still having trouble detecting when tunnels are broken... even three minutes after shutting off my connection to the internet, the tunnel is still being shown as "Connected". IIRC, there are provisions within the SSH protocol to detect broken LAN connections...

It would be great if SSHTB could incorporate the open-source code for AutoSSH, since that would eliminate a number of issues like the one mentioned above. Also, AutoSSH would re-establish broken connections automatically once the machine is hooked back up to the internet.

A minor quibble is the somewhat unintuitive data entry for new tunnels. If you finish a line and then hit the "add" button, the line gets erased and you get to start over. Silly rabbit, you were supposed to hit enter first!

Lastly, it would have been nice if SSHTB2 could have imported the prior preference file instead of forcing the user to enter the data all over again.

Nothing takes away from the fact that this is a great program for those of us who like to keep their internet connections secure. While all the functions in SSHTB can be executed with CLI scripts, this has to be the easiest way to secure your connections with SSH. Best of all, it's free, so a big hat off to Yann Tynsoe for developing it in the first place.
[Version 2.0b]


Anonymous reviewed on 15 Jan 2004
Just a quick note: you can get the new version of SSH Tunnel Manager to pick up the settings from the previous version. Close both versions, then in ~/Library/Preferences/ rename com.tynsoe.sshtunnelmanager.plist to org.tynsoe.sshtunnelmanager.plist .
[Version 2.0b]


AKVIS Team had trouble on 28 Mar 2014
Please stop illegal using our application icon.

[Version 2.1.4]

kennuzzo rated on 18 Sep 2011

[Version 2.1.4]

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Date:18 Aug 2011
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
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SSH Tunnel Manager lets you easily create network "tunnels" in situations where you cannot connect to some device but have a way to connect to as server nearby using SSH.It uses the ssh command bundled with the system.

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