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Keep your Mac safe when downloading.

Clario helps you download files safely and browse privately. Enjoy a better digital life without malware, spyware, or adware.

Available for:
  • android
  • ios

3 easy steps to protect your downloads in automode:


Keeping your passwords and online accounts secure from data breaches while protecting your digital identity against abuse or theft.

  • Securing your online accounts and passwords
  • Protecting your data from unwanted access
  • Ensuring you share personal info online safely
3 in 10
Roughly 3 in 10 Americans say they have suffered at least one form of identity theft in the past 12 months*
*According to Pew Research Center.
1 in 5
Nearly 1 in 5 people had their financial information leaked in a data breach, including their credit card information**
**According to Security.org.


Secure, private, ad-free browsing to watch your favorite shows without regional restriction or being tracked.

  • Secure your browsing from malicious websites
  • Browse without location restrictions
  • Browse without ads or being tracked
79% of Americans are concerned about how much data is collected about them by companies*
*According to Pew Research Center.
48% feel as if they have no control over who can access their search terms**
**According to Pew Research Center.


Ensuring your system is secured in real time against malware and making sure no one can access your webcam or mic with spyware.

  • Maintaining your privacy by protecting your cam and mic from unwanted access
  • Securing your system from malware in real time
94% of malware is delivered via email*
*According to Verizon.
8 new online threats appear every second of every day**
**According to BSA.


Taking care of your online shopping and banking accounts with extra security by protecting your payment data against hacking and malware.

  • Secure your connection while you access your shopping and banking accounts
  • Keeping your payment data safe from from malware
There are 900 complaints about online crime a day*
*According to the FBI.
Global transaction fraud through mobile apps has increased by 680%**
**According to RSA.


Connect to the world safely, securely, and privately on any network.

  • Securing you when you connect to public Wi-Fi in hotels, restaurants etc
  • Protect your home network connection
Only 1% of respondents in America turn to public Wi-Fi either on occasion or regular*
*According to One World Identity Labs.
83% of Wi-Fi routers in US homes and offices leave their users at risk of cyberattacks**
**According to the American Consumer Institute.


Safeguarding your data security across your local and cloud storage.

  • Keeping your local and cloud files malware-free
  • Secure your connection while you access cloud storage
70% of American adults say their personal data is less secure than it was 5 years ago*
*According to Pew Research Center.
94% of malware is delivered via email**
**According to Verizon.
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  • Leading anti-malware solution with real-time protection
  • Digital security experts on hand 24/7 for advice and help
  • 24/7 online account and personal data breach monitoring
  • Home network and IoT device security and support
  • Your personal security dashboard
  • Smart ad blocking and anti-tracking
  • Powerful, fast, and reliable VPN
Secure your digital life with one simple subscription and one clever app.