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New Mac Apps Updated 3 hours ago

Add metadata to your video files.
Add metadata to your video files.

Updates on May 19, 2018

Multiplayer and communications platform for gaming.
Fast, efficient contact manager.
Security and troubleshooting tool.
Powerful, straightforward screenwriting app.

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Updates on May 19, 2018

Essential text document editing.
Digital gates simulator.
Manage a small business enterprise.
Protect your online privacy.
Intuitive solution for project planning.
Batch TIFF-to-PDF converter.

Updates on May 18, 2018

Easy-to-use, powerful text editor.
Version control with Git made easy.
Send messages and make free Viber calls.
Create and edit subtitles.
Notes, synched across devices and the cloud.
Create, edit, convert, sign, and perform OCR on PDF files.
Complete personal inventory system.
Music-notation app reads Guitar Pro and PowerTab files.
Task, note, and to-do manager for businesses.
Visualize and analyze your network traffic.
Secure database application with 448-bit Blowfish encryption.
DMX lighting control.
Comprehensive data recovery suite (was Wondershare Data Recovery).
Keep your desktop clean and useful.
Customize your Trash preferences.
Recover your lost or damaged files.
Record you computer's screen.
Secure, free VPN.
Desktop app for Gmail (was DeskMail).
Manage your song collections complete with lyrics and chords.
Manage personal checking accounts.
Manage MyAnimeList anime and manga libraries.
Task management with speech commands and AppleScript support.
Convert your documents.
Create photo books and more.
Copy a filepath fast and easy.
Plan your garden.
High-performance browser based on the Mozilla platform.
Graphical front-end for Git, the distributed version control system.
Geospatial analysis system.
JavaScript, CSS and HTML IDE for Web Development.
Scan and output website data as CSV or JSON.
Run applications and scripts automatically.
Secure, Open-Source browser.
Educational Python IDE for learning programming.
Lightweight IDE for Python development only.
Retrieve data from iTunes backups.
Secure Open-Source networking.
TomTom update utility.
Chromium Web browser without usage tracking.
Never forget to charge your iPhone.
Poker HUD and hand history analysis.
Accounting for the German tax system.
Dependable and intuitive font editor.

Updates on May 17, 2018

High-performance Web browser.
Search and install Mac apps w/ 1-click and keep them updated.
Fast, safe Web browser.
Cloud backup and synchronization tool with Finder integration; free 2GB account.
Binary disassembler, decompiler, and debugger.
Control app connections to outside sources.
Application for watching and share videos.
Your inbox for news.
View SVGs on your Mac.
DJ software for mixing and performing.
Contact groups and mailing-list management.
Reduce the dimensions of your photos.
Adds functions to Finder contextual menu.
Simulation of argon retention in minerals and rocks.
Evaluate your personal finances.
Cut-up text with generative music.
Scientific 2D plotting program.
Military-grade protection online.
Automatically backup your IMAP email.
Play bridge at your pace.
Create games, apps, and software without knowing how to code.
Read your documents with comfort in the dark.
Manage personal checking accounts.
Batch image processor.

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