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New Mac Apps Updated 37 minutes ago

Markster logo
Centrally store bookmarks to facilitate syncing.
WebSnapperPro logo
Capture entire Web pages as single images or PDFs.
BookMacster logo
Organize and manage bookmarks, sync across browsers.
Smarky logo
Alphabetize Safari bookmarks with iCloud compatibility.
Check Off logo
To-do list for your menu bar.
RailModeller Pro logo
Create trackplans for model railroad trains and slot cars (was RailModeller).

These Mac apps are great for

Sequence Diagram logo
Create UML 2.0 style sequence diagrams.
Guitar Tabs X logo
Powerful guitar tab editor.
Cinemagraph Pro logo
Create living photos.
Call Recorder for Skype logo
Record Skype audio and video calls.
Quip logo
Chat, docs, task lists, and spreadsheets in one app.
FSNotes logo
Note manager.
HiddenMe Pro logo
Hide your desktop icons with a single click.
Sigma logo
Powerful statistical software.
iFinance logo
Comprehensively manage your personal finances.
ExactScan Pro logo
Powerful, fast document scanning.
Uninstaller sensei logo
Completely remove applications.
ControllerMate logo
Use a joystick, gamepad, or trackball in place of your keyboard.
YaBattery logo
Monitor vital info about your laptop battery.
BigHairyGoal logo
Mindmapping application.
Smultron logo
Easy-to-use, powerful text editor.
Number Press logo
Document numbering for forms, raffles, etc.
Goldfish Professional logo
Web design for all devices in a few easy steps.
MenuMinder logo
Create reminders right from your menubar.
App Cleaner & Uninstaller logo
Preview and remove applications and their service files (was App Cleaner).
Nano Inventory logo
Keep receipts and expenditures for warehoused goods.
Nano Enterprise logo
Manage a small business enterprise.
CyberByte Antivirus logo
Anti-virus tool.
System Designer logo
IDE for designing model-driven JavaScript applications.
CotEditor logo
Plain text editor.
Duplicate Manager Pro logo
Auto find and delete duplicate and large files.

Updates on February 24, 2018

Calcbot logo
Intelligent calculator and unit converter.
Moon Invoice logo
Invoice app with iCloud syncing (was Moon Invoice Pro).
Travel PackList logo
Never forget what to pack for your trips.
ADbike logo
Organize your bike tours.
OneDrive logo
Access your Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage account.
ChatMate for Facebook logo
Powerful client for Facebook Messenger.
RectLabel logo
Label images for bounding-box object detection.
iFax logo
Send and receive faxes.
iRamDisk logo
Create a RAM disk.
Mermoz logo
Flight planning application for private pilots.
Garmin VIRB Edit logo
Combine video footage from your VIRB action camera with GPS and other data.
Speedy for Jira logo
Speed up your Jira time tracking.
Home Control logo
HomeKit alternative.
Tap Forms logo
Easily keep track of your important information.
Luxriot EVO Thin Client logo
Access Luxriot EVO Servers' live and recorded video streams.
Goldfish Standard logo
Web design for all devices in a few easy steps.
MyKeep Notes for Google Keep logo
Convenient access to Google Keep Notes (was Miya Notes for Google Keep).
Navicat for MySQL logo
Graphically manage MySQL databases.
Navicat for PostgreSQL logo
PostgreSQL graphical interface.
Navicat for Oracle logo
Oracle administration and development.
Navicat Premium logo
Combines all Navicat versions in an ultimate version.
Navicat for SQL Server logo
Graphically manage SQL Server databases.
Navicat for SQLite logo
GUI allowing administration of SQLite databases.
Navicat Premium Essentials logo
Provides graphical frontend for many popular databases.
Navicat Essentials for MySQL logo
Simple graphical frontend for MySQL databases.
Navicat Essentials for SQL Server logo
Simple graphical frontend for SQL Server databases.
Navicat Essentials for SQLite logo
Simple graphical frontend for SQLite databases.
Navicat Essentials for Oracle logo
Simple graphical frontend for Oracle databases.
Navicat Essentials for PostgreSQL logo
Simple graphical frontend for PostgreSQL databases.

Updates on February 23, 2018

Mactracker logo
Database of all Mac models; lists specs and more.
MacFamilyTree logo
Create and explore your family tree.
NeoOffice logo
Mac-tailored, OpenOffice-based productivity suite.
calibre logo
Complete e-book library management system.
Viber logo
Send messages and make free Viber calls.
Stella logo
Atari 2600 game emulator.
Glyphs Mini logo
Font editor built for casual users.
BitNami RubyStack logo
Greatly simplifies the development and deployment of Ruby on Rails applications.
BitNami ownCloud Stack logo
Quick setup for ownCloud.
BitNami Magento Stack logo
Easy-to-install distribution of the Magento application.
BitNami Moodle Stack logo
Easy deployment of Moodle.
ESET Cyber Security Pro logo
Total integrated computer security.
BitNami LimeSurvey Stack logo
Easy-to-install distribution of the database-driven survey creation tool.
BitNami Apache Tomcat logo
Easy-to-install environment to develop and deploy Java applications.
ESET Cyber Security logo
Basic integrated computer security.
BitNami Alfresco Stack logo
Easy deployment of Alfresco.
BitNami Open Atrium Stack logo
Quickly and easily run Open Atrium.
Drupal logo
Easily deploy a Drupal Content Management System.
DataGrip logo
IDE for professional SQL developers.
Santa logo
Whitelisting/blacklisting system for macOS (beta).

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