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Version 4 is a good Investigator Tool for using it with Mac OSx i gibe 3 and a half Stars for that. If Forensic Lab get Mac Script Support and better Windows Investigating Tools i will give full 5 Stars. Reporting system is nice and clean, like hole Application. If you are a Investigator that use Sleuth kit and Autopsy do not await same Feature Set here in Forensic Lab you can do same Things but something you must do others. This Tool is made for doing some Tasks very Simple but without a Script Engine you can only use what forensic Lab can do inside the App go first reading the manual or ask for a Demo best Andre

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Version 4.0

Hi IceFloor 1.4 is most stable and Feature rich PF Front-end i know. For normal User a fast way to get a secure system and for advanced User a good Way to control what have done with PF. For all Users without knowledge of TCP/IP use the set and forget it Mode, select your Services that you would share like SMB and enable Firewall thats all. For all Users with enough Network knowledge try this PF front-end you will get enough Power to make advanced Firewall Rulesets and nice Logging Features.

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Version 1.4