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To my preference, this adware business has soiled Glims. Why not just charge the price you think the software is worth with an honest price tag? Are you afraid that we won't pay you as much as that trick you are doing - trying to catch everybody that haven't seen the default button? And then sell info about them... That is the kind of thing that corporations commonly do. Because they lack morals and ethical standards. If you want to get paid, then put a price for us to pay, don't play with us.

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Version 1.0.42

This is one of the most essential utility installed om my mac. All my respect to the developer for this competent, unobtrusive, yet ever present guardian of my privacy. LS offers almost perfect control over the outgoing traffic on my computer. I have used LS since early 2009. Will definitely upgrade when v3 is stable, regardless if I will have to pay or not - because I respect the developer(s) - wich, by the way, is more than I can say about many of the treasure hunting wannabe developers on Appstore theese days....

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Version 3.0 preview

Thanks Wade! Excellent and unobtrusive tool. Less is more! I like the sort of thing that adds funcionality system wide - yet not adding clutter. Peter

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Version 1.5.1

Smultron is of course worth $5. But not worth the cost of giving up yet another share of what is left of personal integrity by registering to yet another keyhole for marketers to peep through. Take a break and think about what is going on. Apple has now definitely taken the lead in developing marketing strategies. They *really* want to register every move you make. Is Smultron, or any other app is not worth giving up all integrity and privacy. Have you ever read any of the licence agreements that you have approved over the years? It will take some time if you decide to do that; the licence agreement for appstore on the iphone is 60 pages long - and on top of that it has further references to other texts. Would you approve if somebody asked you if they could register exactly evwrything you do - second by second day by day and year by year, what interests you have, map out your relationships, tastes and preferences? I urge everyone that don't like the idea of market analysers registering, categorising peoples lives (and what ever else they do) at work, at home and everywhere else where we bring our gadgets.

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Version 3.8.2