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We love, love, love using ChronoSync. I'll tell you why. My wife and I run a small graphic and web design business here in our small town of Tobaccoville, NC. After a "perfectly good" hard drive failed, we really wanted to beef up our backup strategy to decrease the time between backups. We also wanted something that would work in tandem with a cloud backup service, CrashPlan, without causing issues, and eventually allow us to develop a fully bootable local / local-offsite monthly swap strategy. ChronoSync allows us not only to have backups made every day, but we can back up both of our computers and our three external hard drives, right over the network. The other thing I love about these backups is that what is copied to the backup drive is an exact copy of what you've got on your original. This means there is no proprietary software you have to have in order to utilize your backup in case something goes wrong. This purist type thinking is what lead me to ChronoSync. I love being able to look at that backup drive and see everything I did yesterday safe and sound, and being an exact copy of my main drive. Furthermore, as of this writing, Econ Technologies is still providing versions of ChronoSync that work with our older operating systems, Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6. Fantastic! The guys at Econ Technologies have been extremely helpful in "getting us going" with the software. We had a few issues in the beginning with our settings and general setup over our network, but support was quick to respond via email, and now we don't even notice when the backups run, even though they're going right in the middle of our work day. Thank you Econ Technologies, and please keep up the good work!!

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