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There appear to be some welcome improvements in V6. However, I find it rather disappointing to find that they still haven't implemented Object naming or interrogating a Group (and shifting a component within) without having to ungroup in List view...or that Guides are still global rather than local to layers. Really? Anyone who has ever created a complex OGP project using a few hundred objects/groups knows these few issues alone make working with this app a real workflow killer. Just sayin'.

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Version 6.0.1

Version 2.2.2 is busted. Doesn't matter if you use the updater or download it directly from the site. What you use to expand it won't matter either. Same results: Corrupted and unlaunchable on 10.6.8.

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Version 2.2.2

2.2.3 works a charm. Sorry for the 1/2 star rating. MacUpdate's ratings UI doesn't seem to have a way to post a review without some sort of star entry....at least I couldn't find one. Normally, I'd rate this program at 5 stars.


You'd think MacUpdate would at least have the decency to list version 2.80 in the "Recently Featured" list, rather than the almost universally reviled version 5. The only thing this practice tells me is to consider anything listed as "recently featured" as crapware to be avoided. It does a disservice to the membership to continue this practice.

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