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I was so disappointed to learn that Fujitsu will no longer support the ScanSnap s500m and does NOT operate on Mountain Lion. I called Fujitsu whose suggestion was to either sell my 500m to someone with an older OS or buy a new machine... Such a deal-breaker for a guy who has been almost evangelistic about the Scansnap for 5 years now! If anyone figures out a workaround or a reversal of policy by Fujitsu, please let me know!

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Version 3.2.60

(I should add that I tried several alternate software upgrades, and nothing seems to fire up the scansnap. I'm afraid Fujitsu has lost their best mac customer base - long-time supporters... If they stopped supporting a 5 year old machine, we can expect that they'll pull the plug on currents models also - it's just a matter of time. So sad.