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I just wanted to add my voice to the praise of this excellent email client. It might for some users not that eye candy but what you get is a sophisticated and most reliable email client with tons of features and a responsive developer. Highly recommend for business users but for private users, too! I recommend any interested user to give the test version a serious try!

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Version 1.7

The function Letter Opener offers is a nice one, but the price tag is questionable from my view. I owned LO as it was beta and called OMiC to some version of LO later (10 licenses or so...). However, to pay upgrade fees for every adaptation was expensive. I understand the viewpoint of the developer (see his comments to other users below) and I appreciate that he offers lifetime licenses now (it wasn't available when I dropped LO in the past as far as I remember). Anyway, whether or not LO is worth its price is something every user has to decide him/herself. Just be aware there are alternatives (as mentioned in the "Similar Software" area above and some comments below) and even some email clients with a built in functionality similar to LO. I for example have switched to MailMate two and a half years ago. MailMate did have a price of $ 25 until lately but now $ 50 for different reasons (you may read about it on its developer page) and offers so much more functionality as LO and together.

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Version 6.0.2

True, Christopher. However, the lite version is an app without Mail integration (like "Klammer" [which opens MSG and OFT, too] or similar apps) and not an plugin like the the pro version. That makes a difference because (1) that is less convenient and (2) then it needs to be considered that just for opening winmail.dat files there is TNEFs Enough as free alternative as well. Don't get me wrong, I don't deny that LO and even LO lite have their benefits. I also understand that you need to adjust the plugin when Mail or OS X makes changes but other developer do the same without charging an upgrade fee that often or asking to buy a life time license for 75% markup. It is all about if the user believes it is worth the price.