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i really wanted to like Grappler better. i pointed it at a page i knew had a 1080P video. Grappler returned the video in 640x320. no setting i could find would let me return the actual original video size.

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Version 1.0.7

Fribhey, i just tried your suggestion. it's annoying that Grappler automatically starts downloading the default (lower-res) video when the page loads, so i have to stop the download, delete it, then select the 720 or 1080 version in order to grab the better version. that's a frustrating process to have to follow for every video. logging in to YT and setting a default resolution is not an option for me. i'll throw a feature request at TLAF and hope they respond.


i've been using OSXplanet for quite a while. decided to see if there was any activity on it recently, came here and saw comments on how it would store copies of pictures on the hard drive. so i checked ~/Library/Application Support/OSXplanet/desktop and found 48 GB of archived screens. that's right, GIGABYTES. and like the commenters below, i didn't have the setting checked for it to do this. well OSXplanet, it's been nice, but you're coming off my hard drive for good unless someone picks up development again. sorry to see you go.

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i can't believe how people here are freaking out about the developer charging $5 for this. really? FIVE WHOPPING DOLLARS. you spend that on one latté that's gone in under an hour but you can't bear to cough that same amount up for a feature-rich text editor that you might use all the time to get work done. money that will keep the developer working on improvements/bug fixes to Smultron. yes, it was free at one point, but free is not always sustainable. try working for free sometime and see how long your priorities hold out.

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