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I would love to see an update to this to take advantage of the new version of MAME. There is another OS X front end that is amazing, however, it leaves all of us that can't upgrade to 10.5+ in the dirt. My mac run 10.4.11 and won't ever run anything more.. And I can't afford a new MAC... Wish I could.. From some of the boards I have been on, there are MANY Mac users in the same boat. We can't go above 10.4.11 and use PPC's.....NOT Intel...so we are basically screwed out of anything new or updated. What developers apparently don't get, is that there are millions of us in this boat. Way more than those using Leopard/Snow Leopard and/or Intel... Oh well... PLEASE, if Dave reads this... I think you have many people that would love to see an update to this.. Seems that Mac community is pretty much left in the dirt when it comes to front ends and ports of MAME. :( Thanks! - Greg

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