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Great little app that provides a fairly simple method to secure sensitive files. Here are a few minor concerns: - The option to take a picture and email it to you when the safe is unsuccessfully accessed it pretty cool, but having that option enabled means Apple's Mail application must be configured. I don't use the Mail app, and when invoked from this app I had to force quit Mail; clicking the cancel button in Mail did not respond (but it does when I launch Mail directly). Perhaps a note could be included that the Mail application must be configured for this feature. - The MySafe disk can be ejected, but the app is still in the "green" open status until you double-click the app's icon. It seems reasonable to make ejecting the disk work the same as if you double-clicked the app icon to close it. - Since Spotlight does not see inside the safe folders, I wonder if backup apps such as Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner will back them up (and keep the password working as expected). Probably so, but it would be nice to see that potential issue clearly addressed in the documentation. - Is there a way to recover a forgotten password? For an app like this dealing with encryption it may not make sense to have password recovery, but perhaps with some security questions and email verification that may be feasible and desirable. - When file is copied to the safe folder, the original of course still resides on the other disk; in other words, you don't move files into the protected safe folder, you copy them. Thus, a user would then probably trash the original and empty the trash to secure their data. However, doesn't that potentially leave the deleted file in a recoverable state using file undelete software, unless the user runs a shredder type app to obliterate the trash? A cool feature for MySafe would be a user-controlled option to securely delete the files from their source. The trick of changing the MySafe icon to a folder and then back to the original app icon when it is running is pretty cool! Even though the specs state Mac OS X 10.7 is needed, it seems to be running just fine on Snow Leopard 10.6.8.

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