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Ease of Use: 5 Value: 5 (Free for how long I wonder...) Stability: 5 (Hasn't crashed yet!) Features: 2.5 Would have given it five stars 'cause all I wanted was a menu bar on my other monitor. I would also have been looking for a window management software, but Secondbar already has some promising features. Promising, because they don't all work right on my set up. Yet. Overall, 5, 'cause I expect ease of use, value and stability from ALL of my software, so that doesn't count as much as features. Features are where it's at. The rest is all either pass or fail. This passes, but needs some work in the features area. Better, IMHO, than Menueverywhere. I certainly DON'T want menus with every single window. clutter, clutter, clutter! And, with that feature turned off, Menueverywhere is just Secondbar without the window management.

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Sorry, I meant overall 2.5


UPDATE: This app does have a minor problem. It can be slow or unreliable loading application menus. Sometimes they take a while to show up on the second screen, and at times some of the menu options don't show up. For example, I had Open Office open a minute ago and three of its menus were not showing up on screen two. Still, better than not having it at all, but needs some improvements.