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I have been using it to log my internet searches. This is what I like about it. I can make a diary entry about the topic and I can drag relevant URL's into the diary entry. You can find dates with diary entries or computer activity by color shades of the calendar. The visited websites are logged by time so you can see the logic being followed in searches. You can search within Chronories for topics and it will highlight the entries. I have made a feature request to improve the find command to limit the search to diary entries. I think this would be helpful. For anyone doing academic research, Chronories can be a great tool to log your activity. I think it is of good value. I see they are describing it as a beta edition. I am hoping that they continue improving some of the features. I have found some quirkiness in the program, but it has been quite stable. Your data is all there even if it may take a little more effort to retrieve some entries, especially if you have multiple or similar topics.

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Version 1.1

I began with Times and upgraded to Pulp. I like the idea, the layout, and the improved layout options. This is what I find irritating. No provision for my default display and reader style . If you don't like the app default, you must change it for every feed. No provision to unread an article. No keyboard option to return from page to main display (escape will do it). The developers web site is not terribly friendly. They could easily host a forum of users problems, solutions, requests, etc. My requests prove my ignorance about software development. I don't know how many hours would be required nor how much manpower is available.

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Version 2.0.1