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Boom works quite well for potentiating music and sound dynamics. Really enhances my listening pleasure. No issues experienced....has been working totally smoothly since installing it 3 months ago.

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Version 1.1

Haven't experienced any issues since installing it about a week ago. Runs quite smoothly; easy to use and configure. It found and eliminated "MacDefender"/"MacSecurity" malware. I had been trying out BitDefender AV but deleted it after discovering that Activity Monitor found it consuming 530MB of memory. Sophos' s memory use is negligible. So, I've now got both Sophos av and ClamXav both free and exceedingly competent. After using one of them I'll often double check using the other.

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Version 7.2.1

Hey Pianamesa, This one's for you, babe.....PFAARRT!!! Why? Read the posts below. For shame, Pianamesa, for shame!

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Version 3.2 Patch 1

Christ, this thing is vile and disgusting. The theme is animals "escaping their environment". So we use them for target practice, huh? Blow them away, even though they're not threatening anyone or each other; and do so in a particularly horrible way.....via flame thrower or rocket launcher? Really mindless and gratuitous Totally offensive. Yeah, this IS pretty sick stuff. The fact that the developer elected to go with this theme is quite revealing.

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Version 1.01