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Final Cut Pro X was a bit of a shock for some long term users of Final Cut. Given Apple's policy of keeping quiet on their plans and motives, it is understandable that many people were confused by the direction that FCP is taking. Poor communication aside, Apple have created a great video editing application in FCPX. It's not perfect and it's not even ready as a replacement in my opinion. But, it is getting there. I'd rather have this completely rewritten version sooner than later, even if it means some missing features. I can fully understand that keeping up with new systems (hardware and OS's) sometimes requires a company to make the tough decision to rewrite a popular app from the ground up. This latest point release of FCPX has added back some of the missing functionality. With a little patience, I think we will see Final Cut Pro X and later becoming a firm professional favourite for video editing again. As for software developers changing directions and doing what they like? Well, there is no large corporation out there likely to please everyone all the time. Ironically, it was Apple's desire to make this product future-proof that has made some people assume that they are not interested in its future development.

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I've tried all the main RAW processing apps out there at this stage. For the Nikon RAW format, I have found that Capture NX was possibly the best (maybe because Nikon themselves are involved in that one). Capture One Pro was very close to Capture NX for default RAW conversion quality (just as good with a few minor adjustments), and light years ahead in speed and workflow. In particular, Capture One Pro provides excellent quality with the Nikon profiles and its feature set and workflow are great. It does take a little while to get used to the workflow, though, so I highly recommend looking at the tutorial videos first. Thankfully, Phase One have lots of those on their site and on their YouTube channel. Capture One Pro is my RAW editor of choice and I don't see anything else out there at the moment that would tempt me to change that.

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