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Bought it to recover 15,807 photos from iPod Classic (1.1.2 Mac) to my new Macbook Pro (10.7.4) after my Macbook died and I found Time Machine had only been pretending to back up my photos. Seemed to find the photos, which was better than TouchCopy11 which didn't find any of them. Annoying that photos not organised into events, so you either scroll through all of them or just browse your albums, but I recognise and sort by events rather than albums. To make sure I wasn't going to miss any photos or spend hours manually sorting which ones I already had, I selected "Export all albums and images" Transferred around 500 photos then crashed every time, despite restarting my Macbook Pro and trying again. Helpful offer to report my problem each time, but would rather just be able to recover my photos. Tried something different by selecting all then clicking "Export selection to a folder". Seized up again at about the same spot, no crash but just got stuck and I had quit the programme. Managed to find out where it had got to and get the next 400 photos before it crashed again. Will probably have to try doing them in batches of 400 but it's going to be a pain and a half.

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