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I bought the Papers 3 for Mac beta, v 3.0.9, and I cannot recommend it. I do recommend, and will continue using, Papers 2. I've used Papers since v1. I have a fairly large library with over 14,000 references, each with an attached pdf. Issues I've had with Papers 3: 1. The process of importing my Papers2 library to Papers3 broke some of the links between my references and their attached pdfs. After the import, I noticed that some of my references didn't have their pdfs anymore, and other references had the wrong pdfs attached. It appeared that Papers3 lost track of attachment data during the import process. I was able to confirm this by opening the same references in Papers2. References that indicated no pdf, or the wrong pdf, in Papers3 were undamaged in Papers2. So far, I have no fix for this issue. I've tried doing a Papers Library rebuild in Papers2 before importing to Papers3, have checked and repaired permissions on the Papers2 library files before import, Papers3 still breaks and changes reference/pdf links during import, seemingly at random. 2. The import process also generated duplicate references. Again, I confirmed this by checking the reference in Papers2 - no duplicate then. 3. Papers 3 is *very* slow compared to Papers2. Running on my MacBook ProR with an SSD, Papers2 is ready to go 8 seconds after launch. Papers3 takes over 3 minutes (!) to open the same library. Slow launch persists after several days (so it's certain that Papers3 wasn't indexing its new library). 4. The UI has been prettied up at the expense of functionality. The library view shows fewer references at a glance due to display formatting changes. It takes more clicks now to accomplish some common operations than in Papers2. 5. Some behavior is odd. Drag & drop of a reference with its linked pdf creates a file with an alias attribute, but a couple of megabytes size. Exporting the same reference as "pdf files and media" creates the pdf file it should, about 200KB size. There's more, but that's enough to give you the idea. I don't have enough confidence in Papers3 to use the product to manage information that's critical to my work. Presumably, the product will get more reliable as it goes through its beta development. More problematic is what I see as the developer's turn towards a pretty UI at the expense of user friction using the app. Reliability and speed do me more good than esthetic similarity to iOS7.

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