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What a dog! I had to "upgrade" in order to connect to my Mum on Windows... and had nothing but problems. The connection was dropped reused due to slow connection speeds, yet according to the requirements we had enough for HD! The interface is horrible. The obnoxious logo needs turing off as standard. I just wish Mum had known not to allow updates before today. Bloatware.

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Mark G

It looks horrible, but it does the job. on a positive note it does have a CLI so if you're inclined, it can be scripted to do what you want, without you having to navigate the interface!

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Version 0.7.52
Mark G

Let's get to the point, shall we. This software is aimed at the people that use the Provocraft Cricut machine. It isn't some piece of advertising material. It does not insist you buy a "non product for a non market". If you don't like it DON'T BUY IT! My wife has a Cricut. She makes cards for all our daughter's friends. She runs craft events at church and other groups. We also had a time that we needed hundreds of circles for an activity at school. Yeah, scissors would do, but then again a pencil could do what most people use a computer for! Rant over, on to the software. All the "stencils" for the cricut are cartridge based. These can be over-priced, and often don't have what you require. That's where this software comes in. Take fonts or SVG images, plug it in and cut them. We have Phineas and Ferb on my daughter's bedroom door due to this approach. Think of it like a jailbreak for the cutter (... people don't slate redsn0w because of the price of the iPhone!)

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Version 2.041