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If all of your documents are standard sizes or regular sizes that you have preset, this functions very well, but the interface and way of naming scans really need major improvement. If you have a lot of odd sizes, there are big problems. The automatic paper sizing is fatally flawed. It can only choose from a few preset choices and if it cannot figure out the size will choose a smaller size paper. This gives you a cropped document with lost data. Shouldn't it err on the side of going to a larger size and showing the entire document? I can crop later, but cannot add parts. To save newbies lots of time and stupidly cropped documents, with auto detection, ignore the direction of text on your docs. They should always be fed with the longest dimension being vertical. Otherwise, you will almost always get a badly cropped document. Still, there will be some dramatic errors and square paper will usually have an error.

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Version 3.2.63

I've now used Abyss for around a decade for commercial web hosting on multiple servers and it has probably been the most stable and near bug free piece of software that I have ever used. I can only recall one crash (it actually may have been the fault of the OS) and only one difficult to pin down bug (involved PHP). And now, with the latest version they have added the one essential feature that I have needed - log rotation. All the major features are now there. Abyss is fast, hyper-stable, very low memory and CPU usage, and feature rich and their email support is nearly impeccable. You forget it is there as you only need to access it for adding new virtual hosts. It's also nice to do most of the features of .htaccess files right there in the admin console rather than in hiddn files scattered all over the machine! While the web browser admin interface works well and it easy to figure out (with the ever-present contextual help button), I would like to see some changes in just the look and feel and the ability to do bulk changes. Since it is easy to change the XML config file, I just wrote my own simple admin program in the database Panorama and do bulk changes to hundreds of web sites in just a few seconds. My major wish now is for Aprelium to create a FTP server. Hmmm, it would also be nice to see a very minimalistic CMS. Please?

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Version 2.9