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I really enjoy using this application. It's nice to be able to see everything in a "spreadsheet" view, including your passwords if you like. I previously used TrueCrypt (AES, Serpent, or Twofish encryption) with a text file but that got unwieldy. I later purchased "Keys" from the App Store (AES-256+Salt+P8KFD2 encryption) and while it's a great little program for $5, it doesn't have categorization and requires more clicks to accomplish the same tasks. Data Guardian offers options to organize your library into collections, or smart collections, and I seem to be able to get things done quicker with it. I haven't tried creating my own fields, the RegEx search or the auto-login features yet. My only complaint is there doesn't appear to be an option to auto-save records as you go. I'd prefer to just double-click an item, edit it, then hit escape when I'm done and have it auto-save. Bonus points for a nice-looking icon and lock screen. It's always nice when developers go the extra mile to make nice looking applications.

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