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I've used this software for years, and been very pleased. Simple, flexible, adaptable. Then I installed v 4. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. 1) Maybe making space for a picture of each dish is appealing to some, I dunno. But I don't want it, I want the list view of my recipes back, the picture view takes up way too much space. Also, it reminds me too much of the new idiot-proof cash registers designed for high school dropouts and non-English speakers. 2) I have customized the categories list over the years, and had an organization I was perfectly satisfied with. While my old recipes still show the categories I had marked, and the category lists displays my custom categories, the new Yum does not allow me to assign a new recipe to any of my custom categories, but only the default categories written into the software. 3) Each time I open my recipe file, my custom categories list clones itself. The third time I opened the recipe file, I saw four iterations of my custom categories list. Well sure, I can delete the three extra lists, but guess what happened the fourth time I opened my recipe file? Yup, there were now five iterations of my custom categories. 4) No response from the developer after the email I sent. Don't bother with v 4. You could download the latest version of v 3, but why would you want to pay money for a piece of software that is de-evolving? Find another vendor, or bite the bullet and buy a database to build your own recipe file.

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