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Confirmed: only ThunderBolt 1.2 causes the kernel panics. (The other updates appear to work fine) For those who'd prefer NOT to reinstall Lion, you CAN simply re-apply the 10.7.4 Combo Updater, and you'll be good to go. A couple ways to do this: If you have another Mac (MUST also be running Lion), you should be able to boot your kernel-panic Mac into (T) Target more, attach it via Firewire to your good Mac, and run the Combo Updater on the Firewire-attached drive (I did not test this). If you don't have another Mac running Lion, but can download the Combo Updater to a USB stick (or you may already have this on your HD), you can (off the top of my head, check syntax): Reboot with Cmd-R (Select Recovery Disk, or boot into install CD) Utilities Menu : Terminal From within Terminal window: cd /Volumes/USB_Stick hdiutil attach MacOSX10.7.4.dmg cd /Volumes/MacOSX10.7.4 installer -pkg combo-updater.pkg -target /Volume/Your-HD-Internal

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Version 1.2

I just happened by MacUpdate today and was shocked to see the high average rating of 1Password. The high reviews of 1Password mainly mean one thing: for the average Joe willing to fork out $50, 1PW may fit the bill. For power users and web developers, 1PW has dozens of shortcomings. As has been documented elsewhere, 1PW cannot handle subdomains (or even URLs with parameters). What does this mean for you the web developer? Passwords saved for and (I've got hundreds) cannot be matched by 1PW. For those of us who develop, this is a 20-times-a-day frustration. But what's even more frustrating, is how easy simple this would be to correct this, and how AgileBits has decided to ignore complaints from users for over 3 years. I (and others) have sent in a requests to AgileBits on just about every major point release, and continue to wait for ANY sort of action on this issue. Mark this: Agile may respond nicely to this comment, but NOTHING will be done about it. 1PW no longer works with HTACCESS (popup-style) logins. All web developers likely use these often (Apache built-in), and 1PW can NOT fill them in. There's not even a copy-paste shortcut as there are in old-school password managers like "Password Wallet". 1PW updates are NOT immediate across the uses of 1PW. Try saving a new password from Firefox. Now, check the 1PW app to make sure it's there. No dice. Same thing happens the other way around: make a quick change to an entry in 1PW, then attempt to use that password in your already-launched Firefox. No go. Truly frustrating. Folks, this is probably caching at work... but the fix is Computer Science 101 (or 102). Finally, this product is a dead-end product. New development may be happening on the Mac AppStore side (v3.9.x), and that's it. It would be nice to hear that AgileBits will include ALL new features in the 3.8 versions, but I doubt they will commit to that. (And no, I don't care about 64-bit support, sandboxing, and PBKDF2 synchronization... just end-user-affecting features). Why not buy the Mac AppStore version? For one, it's $50 and I've already purchased v3.8. Second, and more importantly, there's nothing really useful for end-users. (Full screen mode? Sandboxing? PBKDF2 synchronization?)

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Version 3.8.19

Thanks for your response, Khad. In years past, I've both submitted support tickets, and posted in the forums, to no avail. I'd be happy to try again, if you think it might make a difference. It's good to know v3.8 will still be supported. BUT STILL: The URL matching problem remains, and 1PW simply does NOT "handle both with aplomb". Try it yourself. Setup 5 (or 50) subdomains: ...etc After storing unique passwords for each site, visit Hit the hotkey for PW fill, or click the browser bar icon. What is the NUMBER 1 item in the menu, and the item that is pre-selected? It's NOT, it's probably Do this 30 times a day, as you update your clients' sub sites, and you'll begin to see the frustration level. Command keys don't work b/c the list is constantly changing, and I've got 50+ to scroll through. So in short, if 1PW can't match and order based on a simple subdomain, I cannot see any useful URL matching EXCEPT when there is ONLY ONE domain that matches a password. This is the only case that 1PW handles correctly. And for something a little more difficult, try managing multiple apps within Google. All these will match, so 1PW will have to look at URL params to get a clue on what app you need the password for (Gmail, Adwords, Adsense, etc). It's not even close. I'd be happy to write this up in detail if it will make a difference, but as I said, I've already done that. While I'm on the topic of domain matching, here's a new feature request: allow an extra field for "additional URL matches". A real-world example: DISCOVER recently changed primary login URL from to, but I still get emails referencing When they made the change, 1PW showed ZERO matches until each login URL was updated. It would be nice if 1PW could match more than one URL (but I admit, this is a power user feature and probably wouldn't get used much). On the data matching problem, you can reproduce this yourself. It's NOT a machine-specific issue. The browser extensions (all of them) and/or the app itself, cache data. Try changing a PW in the app, and revisiting a site you've already logged in to.