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I bought this, thinking that the constant crashing I was experiencing was due to the foot-pedal limitation (the free version works with only one brand). I sincerely regret making the purchase, as the crashing persists even after unlocking the full version. My foot-pedal had nothing to do with the issue. I've contacted the developer, but have yet to hear back from them. Caveat emptor!

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Version 5.50

As an e-book reader, this is actually quite a nice program, handsomely mimicking a good dedicated e-reading device. The problem with it, though, is if you, like me, expected a program called "Nook" to actually synchronize content and notes/bookmarks with your Barnes &Noble Nook device. And you couldn't be blamed for thinking that, because this is precisely what the PC version of the program does. But no, the Mac version has no awareness of a connected Nook device, nor will it share e-books, shelves, or notes from your Mac. This reminds me of The Bad Old Days, when Macs were obscure and unsupported, but these days, I would have expected more from a large retailer like B&N.

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Version 3.0.0fc9774

Thanks for your reply, Ryan. I was unclear about one thing in my review, the syncing of notes and bookmarks: the official Nook app *will* do that — but only for books purchased from B&N, not for ePubs or PDFs "side loaded" onto the device (which appears as a volume when connected by USB cable). But there's no mention on the Mac software page of syncing books themselves, and there's some consternation on B&N's support boards about this feature being quietly omitted from this client. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/nook-for-mac/379002740 This is discussed on NookBoards.com: http://www.nookboards.com/forum/59-nook-discussions/14816-nook-mac-not-syncing.html There's a second B&N software product called Nook Study that sounds as if it does some syncing, but I can't run it because I'm not in the States. Bah! Oh well, Calibre does the job (in its own ugly way).