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Although some much-needed features are missing at present, I have my eye set on Ehon becoming the de facto standard for comic and manga management on the Mac. The user interface is headed in the right direction and needs just a bit of polish -- especially for those of us who favor our keyboards, not mice. Entering data is tedious if one attempts to use the Tab and arrow keys to move between fields; it seems clear that the developer intended users to take their hands off the keyboard and put them on their mice to move the cursor a mere 10 pixels and click, then repeat every 10 seconds. This is the largest problem with Ehon (this and tag entry), and it must be fixed. Instead of nitpicking on the other problems, though, I will say that I finally found a desktop app that rivals the best of the iPad apps I have been using. For those who read mobile manga, you know that most iOS manga apps are so-so, but a couple are very good. This app is very good other than the polishing and added features it is. To the developer: I would be happy to give you more feedback if you let me know you're interested.

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Version 1.0.1

In many ways, Archiver is faster at decompressing most formats than The Unarchiver -- at least, this is my perception. On the other hand, the formats that Archiver supports are the bare essentials: the tar.* flavors, zip, rar, and maybe a few others. Compared to The Unarchiver, it seems paltry. Only in the most recent version did Archiver gain support for batch operations. However, Archiver does offer a 1-step conversion feature, rather unique in the field of archivers/unarchivers. Considering the price difference ($19 vs free for The Unarchiver), it hardly seems worth the price tag. There have been times, however, when none of the archiving tools on my system could correctly handle Shift_JIS (older Japanese) encoded files. None, that is, except Archiver. It has other interesting quirks and features which makes it both a dream and a nightmare.

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Version 1.1.4