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Love it! After reading the instructions on another site to clone a replacement MacBook Pro drive to install a larger replacement, I can only be happier if the cloning process didn't take so long, with 150 GB of system information having to be swapped from the original, to a separate external, and then from that bootable, to the new one. And it's free when that's all you need. SuperDuper wants to wipe the drive before cloning onto a temporary one. I had hoped that it could be done using the free space on a 2TB drive, but the program warns that it must erase the whole drive before installing data to make it bootable. So don't just hit OK, unless you're fine with having all information wiped out. My original internal 2.5" drive rated at 5400 rpm xferred @ 9 MB/sec, while this 7200rpm drive is accepting @ 24 MB/sec, all information shown as the copying process takes place. Great app!

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Version 2.6.4

Important addendum! When cloning, do NOT move ANY files anywhere - on the desktop, from any folders, whatever. As the cloning process was taking place, I chose to move a TextEdit file to the trash from the desktop. Just moments later, I got a copy failure notice. When I opened the report that is made available, it showed that the cloning process was stopped because I moved that single file off the desktop. That mistake (my own impatience and ignorance) made it necessary to start from the beginning, wiping all that I had accomplished (half of the cloning process) because the new drive then had to be erased and reformatted. So to be safe, don't add or delete or move anything during the process. It would be nice if, when the app sees a problem, that it can pause instead of stop, and ask if you really need the changes to be applied, or whether you need the whole thing to start over.