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I did make a credit-card-free-iTunes-user-account. I downloaded "Soundcloud" from the AppStore, registered a SoundCloud-Account, and when I started the Application, it just stalled and nothing happened. I wrote a very bad review about this and Apple allowed it. That was a surprise because I criticized specially Apple for having such nonsense in the store. Funny enough, the AppStore is the only place u can download "Soundcloud". Is it that: when u dl an app from that store, that app has not the same access to the system as an app u regularly install? I assume the Firewall did not allow incoming connections and it also didn't ask for allowing connections. But… from Apple's Point Of View, I assume, the AppStore is as perfect as that iPhone never had any troubles (hahahahahaha). Just don't try to send a message or do a phone-call. Same with the AppStore: if u don't download and install anything, it just works perfect :) It's so funny. I think I'm still stoned from that colorish AppStore-Front Page. Cheers.

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Version 1.0

=> installed it via Software Update; was flawless; didn't recognized any changes yet, but at least, my MacBook Pro i5 Mid 2010 seems to work as good as before. BTW: MacUpdate's Software-Listing is much better than Apple's AppStore - Apple missed to design the page in a user-friendly way, I assume it is because u can show more icons and stuff in one page (= more $$$). EVERYTHING in Apple's AppStore is for registered iTunes User ONLY (I think u need a credit card to register?). That AppStore looks a like a Walt Disney Website or something I want to lick; so many shiny delicious icons and colors placed in one page. It probably gets u high in 2 minutes but you won't find that app u want. Does it matter ? :)

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Version 10.6.6

How to register in the iTunes-Store without a credit card: (it works)