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I've been using Sandvox from the very beginning. Back then I'd had enough with fiddling around with Dreamweaver for something simple. The reason I chose it was so my wife could cobble together her blog without me having to constantly "manage" the damn thing. Over the years there have been additional worthwhile features added and they've now moved on to version 2 but I've decided to stay behind. Why? Let me count the ways. Number one is the stability issue. The program will routinely blow up for no reason and you'll have to restart it over and over, again and again, rinse and repeat. And it isn't limited to one machine only. I have a family multi-user license and it happens everywhere. And, NO, I don't run custom this or that add-ons to the system so that's not the problem. It's simply unstable. Fortunately we save often and haven't lost anything but it's irritating as hell. Secondly, there are pitiful few extra templates available to try and customize. I don't know what the problem is but it seems even fewer are providing them than before. That's not good! As robot would say in Lost In Space, "Warning Will Robinson!". Thirdly, while creating your site structure is straightforward and easy the one thing that drives me insane is the inability to move simple pages up or down without them taking on a life of their own. You want to go up or down within the hierarchy? Good luck Charly! I suggested years ago that they include little buttons on the page tab to click up or down so you can place them better.... Nope! They added other crap but something that actually makes it easier to use was ignored. And be careful just how big your site gets because it becomes more unstable the bigger it grows. Now I've thought about Rapidweaver, which has similar functions, but to be honest it's as big a mess or bigger and hasn't really improved in years. You have to buy so many add-ons to make it truly useful that it becomes ridiculously expensive. And the templates are just as old and musty as Sandvox's. Kudos to the developers who extend these platforms but it should be built-in instead of having to be tacked on. So what to do? I guess I'm going to push or drag my wife to a Wordpress based blogging system and I'll unfortunately have to be Mr. Tech Support once again because this sand box is just too small.

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Version 2.2.4

I've used Abyss on Windows and Mac systems over the years and in both cases it was small, fast, unobtrusive, easy to use, and best of all it just WORKS! The big-boy servers, and their attendant fan-bois, are so clunky and difficult to deal with that I was pulling my hair out just to get simple answers. I didn't want to be a full time server admin just someone who liked to tinker around. And the beauty with Abyss was that I was able to set up and handle multiple domains with ease and on a price point that was ridiculously affordable. Perfect? Nope. But the downsides are small compared to the ease of use.

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Version 2.7