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please please please help I need HELP :( I just downloaded this the 2.6 beta 4 version believing this could be the completely free journal app without any limitations. I had downloaded Vijournal... was so happy with it... until it suddenly told me I could no longer write any more entries unless I purchase the 20 something dollar license version. 30 entries was the limit... so it told me... I don't want this to happen again. I was hoping this could be my app. WHAT I NEED TO KNOW: In preferences > licensing it says 'registration will remain non-compulsory until version 2.6 is released' does this mean once Journler version 2.6 is released I would be unable to continue using 2.6 beta 4?? also if anyone could recommend me free unlimited journal or diary apps... just simple to use. Anything worth trying out. It would be much appreciated! Anything would be much appreciated! Thank you so much!

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