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If if had a month-view drawer and I were able to add tasks through the app, it'd be a 5. As it is, it's a great overview of upcoming dates/events/tasks.

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Version 1.1

After tinkering with this for awhile, I've got to say it's a decent program if you don't know a lot of HTML and/or don't want to mess with the coding. That being said, it's pretty stubborn when I do try to tinker with the code; it's still fairly buggy at times; and if you're used to coding by hand it can seem awkward with a few annoyances when using it as a Coda/TextMate/Espresso style editor. What I do like about it and what I think it is good for, is being able to experiment and play with code that you aren't entirely comfortable with, haven't really grasped or just flat-out don't know. I like using it when I've been stuck with div positioning, as I can do it visually with Flux and then compare with what I've already coded. Similarly, with jQuery, I've wanted to learn but haven't gotten around to it; I can play with it in Flux and view the code and results to pick bits of it up that way. Overall I think it's very overpriced given that it still has quite a few quirks and could have more in the way of default templates (a la RapidWeaver) for a WYSIWYG; for a text-based code editor, its bugs really annoy when I'm trying to manually edit code and I prefer programs like Coda. I bought Flux at a MacZot discount of $55, and frankly I think that's more along the lines of what it should be offered at, rather than the $100+ price tag it has now.

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Version 3.1.26

Also using the trial, and I think it's a fantastic little app. It's not a full-blown CRM imo, but rather 1/3 CRM, 1/3 GTD and 1/3 project management/organization; right now I'm using it to manage appointments, research/projects, and just a general all-around organizer, and I think if you're a freelancer who doesn't need an intensive CRM app this might be a good fit. It's a lot more useful/powerful than I thought it would be and dead easy to use. I was testing out Process for project outlining/organizing as well and it was ok, but seemed ridiculously underpowered and redundant after I opened Relationship. Definitely promising, like the other reviewers noted. It has a lot of room to grow without being useless on its own as it is now; absolutely worth a try, and since it's on sale on the App Store for $19 (as of today, 2/19, at least), I may just bite the bullet and buy it.

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Version 2.1.3