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Found v2.2.1 to be really buggy under 10.8.3. When the app opened the icons would 'jump' down to the left making the page off-center. Then when trying to organise icons by dragging a selection the offset would completely mess up the true selection. The sliders to adjust icon size, horizontal and vertical spacing are awful - no live feedback as dragging. Again making it really hard to use. Shame as the hot corner shortcut made it really accessible.

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Version 2.1.1

I was apprehensive to use 1password when I got it as part of a bundle - but after reading about it I gave it a try. It's now one of those tools that I wouldn't want to be without. A master password is set to access all stored passwords. There's plugins for all the main browsers so access to user/password combos is quick and easy. You can also store secure notes, app serials, banking details, personal details. If I were to be critical it would be nice to be able to generate passwords from within the app - sometimes I want a password that isn't web related. Also I think the list price is high.

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Version 3.8.19