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I'm amazed Apple doens't provide this feature, thankfully there's Mail Unread Menu. As most experienced mac users have their dock hidden, the most obvious way to see if new mail has arrived is by unhiding the dock (by mousing or shortcut) to see if there's any red badges on the Mail icon. This can be fairly disruptive for people like me compared to just a quick glance at the menubar. This plugin also has an edge over the dock icon by allowing you to display a badge only for the mailboxes you need to keep an eye on. That's a feature Apple would be unlikely to implement, so i hope they never create a menubar icon for mail at all, as the 3'd party product they end up killing is often superior in terms of functionality (eg. Desktop Manager). Lots of apps put some stuff in the menubar, but very few is as useful as this one, and the price is unbeatable (but donate if you want to show your appreciation). I've been using this plugin for years, and it hasn't given me any problems so far. A nobrainer install in my humble opinion, and a solid 5 across the board.

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Version 3.3.1

This should be listed at MacUpdate as a commercial application, as with a mandatory $10 donation it is _not_ free. I occationally donate to open source prjojects I'm relying on. Because i _want_ to. NeoOffice got it all wrong.

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Version 3.2.1 Patch 2

@ Gregm: At the time my comment was submitted, NeoOffice was listed on MacUpdate as a "Free" app. The point I wanted to make was that a mandatory donation is effectively a fee to the end user. I have no problem with NeoOffice wanting to get paid for their effort.


As this app seem to add some nice functionality for my mac, but the first thing i saw upon loading the app was a couple of banner-ads, so I immediately killed and deleted it. I think I've seen something similar 3 or 4 times total over the decades I've been a mac user, but thankfully I've always found good free or paid alternatives, that didn't rely on in-app ads. I don't mind supporting the development of the apps i find useful by buing a license or by donating, but I don't thin I'll ever tolerate banners in my desktop applications, no matter how nifty they are. While it's tempting to give one star for not offering a paid alternative, I'll refrain from rating as I never actually tried the app. If an app serves ads, it's not really "Free". It would have been nice if macupdate would make that distinction, and it should be interresting from a stats point of view too.

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Version 0.28

Despite the marketing speak in the description, there's absolutely nothing "innovative" or "powerful" about the capabilities of this app. There's dozens of applications on MU that do a lot more -- and for free. And if you're willing to spend the $29.99 they're asking for this app, you should go for something like Pixelmator instead. I give it one star for the fact that they do offer a demo, and subtract half of that for printing "Demo Demo Demo Demo" all over the canvas you're supposed to try painting on. Oh, and shipping with automatic update-check and automatic submission of system data is not something everybody cares for, and is something the app should ask you politely about first.

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Version 1.1