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I got this discounted with a MacUpdate Promo, and tried it for a month. I found it did not help me in the way it promised. First, there is practically no documentation, so with the exception of a brief walk through guide, you have to work through its operation on your own. Second, what I found was that because I already have dozens of mailboxes in which I keep mail, MailHub kept guessing wrong, wanting to file outgoing mail in obscure mailboxes no longer in use. It would do this over and over again. Ultimately, I just didn't see it as all that smart because of the amount of hand-holding it needed on my part. I think if you're organizing from scratch, it could work well but with a complex set of mailboxes in place already, it just kept getting in the way rather than helping. This meant I often had to do a second click on the nondefault Send button rather than an Enter to select the default Send and File button. One suggestion would be to write a good manual with plentiful examples so the user can understand why MailHub is choosing certain mailboxes. For me, I just couldn't connect with it and after a month, uninstalled it.

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