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I have tried an abundance of free ID3 editors on my iMac and they have all angered and failed me. But with "Yate" I was thrilled to see evidence of it working immediately during my trial use. I was so thrilled that I went and purchased an activation key right away. Every time that I had used other taggers, I never saw the icon change to the album artwork that I added in the tagging editor. Using "Yate" was the first time that I instantly saw my .mp3's change to the album cover in question, immediately after I hit "Save" button in the application. As I said, that was the moment I knew I was going to purchase and activation key for this app. Plus, a full month for a trial is awesome I think. The app seems to have many more advanced features besides the basic ones that I used. But honestly, I am just so happy that the basic function of the app works so well, that I might not ever even get around to using those other great functions. To me that speaks loads about the base quality of this application. So, to the developer: you have my sincere thanks and gratitude for building such a wonderful application and for finally putting my mind at ease, in regards to editing tags for my digital music. Though, I am still confused as to the name choice? I saw how to pronounce it in the application. Is it a family name, or rather what language is it, and what does it mean exactly? I could not really care less what it is called, it could be called "Swamp Gas" for all I care, I was just concerned with how it performed. But I am still curious about the origin of the app name? Anyways, thanks again and God Bless.

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