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Used to have a support ticket system, but this I cannot find anywhere, anymore. I did find an obscure line stating that postbox does not offer one-on-one support to new customers. Well: 1. I am NOT a new customer. 2. My postbox CRASHES when I try to run it, and the extensive self-help system does not support this mishap. 3. The log in postbox is useless, it does not even include a timestamp. So, after a while of being pretty happy with PB, I am leaving for something else (again). I'm sorry, I cannot suggest anyone to use this program, as it is....

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Version 3.0.4

I am shocked to see the recent reviews on these pages. Looks like I am not the only one with these problems. My crash, btw, happened after trying PB3 on OSX10.8. I am back to PB2 but have no way of accessing my personal email through PB. Unfortunately, no decent log that I know of, and no email or forum....


Thanks for following up on this. It does say where to go and how to do it, but it does so at the end of a very long text. Any user with a problem not in the faq or forum (??) wants to contact the developer. And you'd have to put in quite an effort to do that, even though you make it look simple and CAPITALIZED (not sure why). I'll follow up here with my experiences...


I filed an issue. I could use my home internet connection again today, unfortunately same problem. Note to others, if you are a NEW(ish) customer, you can not file an issue as per postbox-inc policy.