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I am downloading the torrent version as I write this. So why score it 5 star if I haven't got it? Well I owned Trainz on the PC from it's earliest inception and stuck with it as it grew and would encourage all children aged toddler to 112, or whatever the oldest living human is to try it. It filled the gap of missing train set for me for many years. I still have the Trainz discs even though I don't have a PC anymore. The scores I give are for what I know of the product previously and as I have used the iPad version and love it on there I feel confident we are in for a cracker of a game. The Stability of this version I cannot tell at this point of course, but judging by the recent iPad release it will be fine. If it has early issues I encourage you to stick with it. Should this be buggy, I know from experience that those bugs will begin to be removed very quickly. I will say that the major prob when it first arrived was that PC's were generally still too slow to really run it gloriously, but as newer hardware became cheaper users became happier and the updates went a long way toward making them happy too. When I originally had it on PC, the company was called Auran, I am suspecting the new name is a new owner after all these years. I always found Auran great to talk too if you needed guidance. As for the game itself, the playing of it was a lot of fun. The editor was breathtaking. Many buying this for the first time will probably say "Oh yeah same old, same old" but when Auran developed this editor there was nothing to match it. Landscaping was a doddle (great word, sadly underused). There was a huge range of models to add to the landscape back then as well. Those models went on to be user created in a vast library that I am hoping will be available to Mac users. I have been hoping for this moment for a good many years. The question "Will there be a Mac version?" was always never a point blank no, just never seemed to arrive, just like many real trains I have waited for :o) So I hope for great things with Trainz v1.0 and that it grows beyond v1.0 very soon. Incidentally, it makes a change to have a feel good offering from MacUpdate of a weekend, rather than a never-ending pot of graphic filters and the like. Not that I have an issue with them, except when they are offered at weekends when some of us want shiny, whizzy things ;o) Happy Trainzing!

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Version 1.0

Best downloader I have used. It's really straightforward to use and has been a standard piece of my Mac build for over a year now. Version 2 came out and I upgraded without question and do not regret it. I have contacted Eltima a couple of times and always found them to be helpful and prompt in replying. RE: the complaint that the web browser plugin was "Out of control" . In the prefs of version 1 and version 2 there is a checkbox to turn off the web browser plugin. It is on by default. Also following on from the same poster, I would like to say that Eltima are quite right in what they say about the plugin not being removed by AppDelete and the like. I use AppDelete too and it's genrerally very good, but with Folx it does miss the plugin, which is not the same as the plist files mentioned. Having defended Eltima I would say that not everyone wants the functionality of Folx grabbing downloads in the browser all the time. I don't have it turned on. Instead I prefer to select it when I need to use Folx by using the CTRL+CLICK function on the download link to get a shortcut menu giving access to the plugin. Typically I resort to it when I find a slow download. In those cases Folx grabbing bits of the file from multiple places does make a huge difference. One feature I find really useful is the built in torrent search. I think some posts are suggesting it doesn't always find what they are looking for. Maybe I have just been lucky in that it always finds what I am after. Having said that though I have found it to be very slow to search. I live nearer to cows and sheep that the exchange so I have a slow connection to begin with, but it get's there if I leave it. I do think it would be good if we could manually add sites to search rather than having to rely on the built in list. Perhaps in the case of the guys who couldn't find the files they wanted, had they been able to do this, they could have added the sites they eventually used making a kind of learning function for Folx Really great product all in all and it remains in my top 10 list of most useful apps on my desktop.

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Version 2.0